Shows that make ZEE Kannada stand out among other Kannada channels

Kannada TV is at its all-time high with a slew of highly popular shows, strong content, and spectacular budgets. Back in the day, TV was much simpler. While we had strong concepts even then (Guddada Bhootha still has great rewatch value), many of our shows like the grandeur of the Hindi counterparts. But in recent times, that has changed and now the production value of shows in Kannada channels match and sometimes even surpass those of Hindi channels.

In this evolving phase, standing out amongst live Kannada channels is ZEE Kannada and for good reason. Ever since its launch in 2006, the channel continues to push the envelope in every respect, be it stories, characterization and even genre experiments.

With ZEE Kannada’s 13th anniversary coming soon, it seems like a good time to check out some of the best shows it has been airing to great success.


An adaptation of the hit ZEE Tamizh show Sembaruthi, the show follows the story of Paaru who works as a servant at millionaire Akilandeshwari’s house. What happens when sparks fly between her and Akilandeshwari’s son? How does their story break the shackles of societal barriers and prejudice? This interesting conflict forms the crux of the serial.

With popular Kannada actress Vinaya Prasad making a comeback with the serial, the hype was high. But as the show aired, people fell in love with the cute Mokshita who plays Paaru. Her earnest performance as the innocent Paaru is a total winner.


Following the trials, tribulations, and victories of a plus-sized woman Geetha, Bramhagantu has a unique story that is a delight to see. Starring singer Geetha Bhat in her TV debut, the show manages to break a lot of stereotypes about obese women.

The protagonist is best described in this quote from the lead actress Geetha Bhat, where she said, “My character is named Geetha in the serial, too but people around her call her Gundamma owing to her size. Yet, she is a do-gooder and doesn’t think twice about helping anyone.

Obese people are generally considered lazy, but Gundamma is the first one to take up any task. Her size has no bearing on her swiftness.” The show serves as an inspiration for many and continues to have a glorious run.

Aatma Bandhana

This horror series has an interesting plot that really catches the eye. The show follows the story of Aarthi and her kids, Chaitra and Chiru. When the trio ends in a serious accident, Aarthi is only able to save Chaitra. Distraught with the guilt of not saving Chiru, Aarthi goes through numerous problems but she gradually ends up getting help from Chiru’s spirit.

How does Chiru’s spirit help his mother forms a thrilling yet heart touching tale! Starring Rajani, Master Alaap and Baby Shivaani in the lead, the performances can only be described in one word – fantastic.

Ughe Ughe Madheshwara

A one-of-a-kind effort in Kannada television, the series depicts the legendary folk story of lord Mahadeshwara. Considering the magnitude of the story, no movie had been made on this epic.

But, the producers of the TV show pulled off all stops in narrating this story at a scale unseen in Kannada television. The set of Indralok especially is a spectacle to see on screen.

Weekend with Ramesh

Hosted by popular actor/director Ramesh Aravind, the talk show sees Mr. Ramesh interact with achievers from various fields in Karnataka and gives us a close glimpse into the achiever’s lives. With the third season currently on air, the show is an inspirational watch and deserves to be seen with the entire family. When it comes to hosts, few get as good as Mr. Ramesh in this show.

These shows are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fantastic shows airing on Zee Kannada. Tackling diverse genres, this amazing Kannada channel is doing a fantastic job of providing an immense variety of entertainment. To make it even better for viewers, you can even binge watch all of ZEE Kannada’s shows on their OTT platform ZEE5.

Also, thanks to their Kannada pack, you can watch TV shows before they air on television, watch blockbuster Kannada movies ad-free and check out loads of original Kannada content. All this for less than the cost of a movie ticket. Now, you know why ZEE Kannada is considered to be better than other Kannada channels.

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