Why you should Read Different Book Genres

Why you should Read Different Book Genres?

I am a Bookaholic. I read a lot because it’s something that makes me explore myself and the outer world even more, and keep me engaged.  Sometimes, I pick up a Book from a different genre instead of my favorite genre (just for the sake of learning more or exploring more or for an adventurous experience). Have you thought that Why you should Read Different Book Genres? Keep on reading to know more.

Why should you Read Different Book Genres?

Your worldview Widens

Reading books outside of your favorite genre & out of your comfort zone allows you to learn more about the world around you. Since the books may be about people, lifestyles, and cultures that you might not have known about in your everyday life.

Your writing Improve’s

If you like to write, reading books in different genres will make you a better writer. Reading outside of your genre allows you to read as a reader, and not as a writer. That way you are able to learn from it & will gain knowledge. To write well, you must read well, and you must read widely.

A well-read writer has a better hand on vocabulary, language & the grammar rules. The more books you crack open, the more words you’ll be exposed to. Those words will eventually find a place in your own vocabulary.


Everything you read fills your head with information, and you never know when you might need it. More the knowledge you have, better you are to tackle any challenge you’ll ever face.

Memory Improvement

Looking for ways to improve your memory and concentration?  Reading will help! & also will relieve stress. The more you read different genres, the better you’re able to spot patterns, which helps to build those analytical thinking skills.

Encourage you to try new things

Reading different genres can introduce you to new worlds & encourage you to try new things or take risks in life that you may never have considered otherwise.

I hope the article “Why you should Read Different Book Genres?” have been helpful. I shall be back with some more interesting blog posts. Stay tuned!

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