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What makes ZEE5’s Auto Shankar an Engrossing Watch? – ZEE5

In a world where everything is given to you with so much sugar coating, comes a web series that is as brutal and as real as it can get. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the first time a director went all out in showing the gruesome reality of what’s happening in this world. There have been movies like Pudhupettai, Vada Chennai, Aaranya Kaandam that were very much appreciated for taking such a raw take over the gangster genre. Then there were web series that also took the same approach and were successful among the audience. But none of them was able to be as raw and gritty as Auto Shankar.

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So I, being a fan of cinema, think this is the right time to make a proper breakdown of all the things that make ZEE5’s Auto Shankar an engrossing watch for the audience.

Real life concept: One of the most appealing things about Auto Shankar is that it is based on a real-life person who has done all the real-life crimes.The entire web series the life of one of the most dangerous gangster of the 80s era, Auto Shankar. For those who don’t know he was as bad as one can get, though he started off his career as an Auto Driver, later he stepped into liquor and brothel business for power.

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That is until he was arrested by the Tamil Nadu cops for multiple murders. The makers’ vision was very clear, he wanted to show people how dangerous of a person Auto Shankar, and after watching the series, I could say for sure that he stuck to his vision and has delivered the same.

Appani Sarath: A web series is bound to be a hit among the critics and the audience when you combine a good story and good actors. But not everyone gets to do that, and the makers of Auto Shankar knew that hit the jackpot with both the storyline and the casting in case of Auto Shankar.

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With the intention of making this web series a hit not only among the Indian audience but also among the global audience, the makers knew that the casting has to be on point. Maybe, it is this desire that made them go with the Angamaly Diaries fame Appani Sarath.

And boy, what a decision that has turned out to be. Sarath nailed his performance, and we can’t think of anyone who could have done it better.

Unfiltered Approach: As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, today everything is sugar-coated to make it reach all set of audiences, Auto Shankar steered away from that and stuck to their choice of giving the web series the kind of treatment it actually deserves.

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So it goes without saying that it is not a kid-friendly material, but it would appeal to a lot of adults who like watching uncensored content. From the naturally placed cuss words to the cold blood murders that feel too real, it has everything you would expect from a world-class gangster content.

So these are the points that I think that made Auto Shankar got right. What is your take on it? Have you watched it? Let me know in the comments.

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