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The Year of Bringing India Together on ZEE5

It’s been a year since ZEE Entertainment launched their very own video streaming service called ‘ZEE5’ and what a year it has turned out to be. Making new content in numerous languages every month since Feb 2018, ZEE5 has stuck to their tag line ‘Apni Bhasha Mein Feel Hai’.

From Kallachirippu to Abhay, they made some of the must-watch web series that you can find online. From web series to movies, they have branched out to different forms of entertainment to provide a wholesome experience to their subscribers. And while we are at it, ZEE5 also offers some of the most affordable subscription packages as well.

Over the months, ZEE5 has piqued up its number of original content in their library be it movies, tv shows or short films. This has helped them to cover a huge range of audience belonging to different parts of the country.

ZEE5 has been targeting the Indian audience with their rich regional content and this is very evident from their content library. Right from the start, ZEE5 started analyzing the likes and dislikes of the Indian audience and has been making content adhering to their evolving tastes and preferences.

The Shift to Web Series:

ZEE5 saw the true potential of Indian content in the Indian market and shifted their gears towards content that would suit our needs. Shifting their focus from movies, ZEE5 has been making some amazing web series, setting the bar high with each one.

They even have their originals dubbed in various Indian languages along with English subtitles to make their content accessible to even those who do not understand the content’s original language.

ZEE5 Subscription Plans and More:

In an attempt to make their library more accessible among the public, ZEE5 has been offering regional subscription plans so that people can get all their favorite content at a more reasonable price.

The Tamil subscription plans would be a good example of this. Not just that, you can even change the language of their platform’s visual Interface to your preferred language. It makes using their interface a breeze even for those who understand anything else other than their first language.

Another major reason for their increasing subscription base in India is their eagerness towards making content in India. Though ZEE entertainment is known for its never-ending library of TV shows, they wanted to recreate the image of ZEE5 with edgy original content.

In just a year’s time, ZEE5 has released over numerous web series in more than 6 languages.

Rangbaaz, Kallachirippu, and Karenjit Kaur are some of the most acclaimed ones you can find in ZEE5. While the OTT platforms were focusing on making commercial rom-com web series, ZEE5 started making TV venturing into niche genres of thrillers and gangster centric web series.

Taking all these things into consideration, We can say one thing is for sure that ZEE5 really cares about the Indian audience and the kind of content being delivered into them. With great production value and an eagerness to deliver good online content, ZEE5 is all set to rule the world of online streaming service.

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