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The launch of Fragrance-Free & Eco-friendly Baby wipes – Mother Sparsh

Mother Sparsh, an Indian Wipes Brand has launched 99% Water-based premium Baby Wipes. These unscented and eco-friendly wipes are made of Medical grade cloth for a baby’s sensitive skin.

mother sparsh baby wipes

Below are all more details and my review on Mother Sparsh 99% Unscented Pioneer wipes:-


Mother Sparsh premium baby wipes don’t consist of any harmful chemical ingredients, for example, Alcohol or Paraben. Hence, these wipes prevent a baby’s sensitive skin from drying and keep it soft and hydrated. This baby wipe consists of 99% pure water. Hence, they keep the skin away from issues and fulfill the claim to be called as skin-friendly or soothing ‘water-based wipes.

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Fabric or Material:

The fabric of these baby wipes has been formulated with only natural and organic components making the wipes 100% biodegradable. These baby wipes are dermatologically and clinically tested for any type of infections or rashes.

mother sparsh baby wipes

Mothers who have been using these #ExtraGentleWipes to clean the sensitive body parts of their babies have already approved the #MedicalGradeFabric with a thumbs up.


There are many brands both online and offline, who are offering a huge variety of fragrant baby wipes. However, for a mother, it’s crucial not to use these highly scented baby wipes for a baby’s sensitive skin. Even a mildly scented wipe can be harmful and cause irritation to their babies. Hence, always opt for #UnscentedBabyWipes when it comes to a baby’s skin.

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Mother Sparsh’s recently introduced fragrance-free baby wipes are certainly the best option for a baby skin which is prone to rashes or other skin allergies.

Size & Thickness:

Mother Sparsh baby wipes are extra thick and are made of super soft fabric which is created from plants combining with their pulp. Hence, these baby wipes are 3 times thicker as compared to the normal baby wipes.

mother sparsh baby wipes

These #SuperThickWaterWipes are specifically created for newborn babies to clean their hands, mouth and other body parts. Hence, it’s great that these #PremiumBabyWipes are 3x thicker and bigger in size.

mother sparsh baby wipes


These wipes come in various size packs including a travel-friendly pack with 10 wipes and a container pack which has 72 wipes. The container pack comes with a lid lock that has to be closed after each use in order to prevent any moisture loss. We have seen that sticker kind of opening on usual baby wipe packs which aren’t really convenient when it comes to securing the moisture in the wipes.

mother sparsh baby wipes
mother sparsh baby wipes

Hence, the moisture lock lid offered by Mother Sparsh brand is quite convenient over other brand wipes.


Mother Sparsh water wipes are not only good for baby and mother but also take care of Mother Earth. As we all know that the market is full of many ordinary wipes which are made of polyester, and we all knew the fact that plastic is not a disposable thing.

mother sparsh baby wipes

It causes environment pollution and many health problems. So, by switching to Mother Sparsh biodegradable wipes you are also putting step towards saving earth from getting polluted.

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