What makes ZEE5’s Auto Shankar an Engrossing Watch? – ZEE5

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In a world where everything is given to you with so much sugar coating, comes a web series that is as brutal and as real as it can get. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the first time a director went all out in showing the gruesome reality of what’s happening in this world. There

Shows that make ZEE Kannada stand out among other Kannada channels


Kannada TV is at its all-time high with a slew of highly popular shows, strong content, and spectacular budgets. Back in the day, TV was much simpler. While we had strong concepts even then (Guddada Bhootha still has great rewatch value), many of our shows like the grandeur of the Hindi counterparts. But in recent

The Year of Bringing India Together on ZEE5

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It’s been a year since ZEE Entertainment launched their very own video streaming service called ‘ZEE5’ and what a year it has turned out to be. Making new content in numerous languages every month since Feb 2018, ZEE5 has stuck to their tag line ‘Apni Bhasha Mein Feel Hai’. From Kallachirippu to Abhay, they made