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4 Best Ways to Start Your Morning Routine

The morning is the time when you set the tenor for the rest of your day. So, it is important to establish a strong routine for tuning your body and mind for the challenges a day may hold for you. You’ll be more likely to make healthy choices throughout the day if you start your Morning Routine with a positive behavior.

So, here we have the 4 best ways to start your morning:


As soon as you wake up to go to your mirror, look straight in your eyes and say something positive and healthy for yourself,  for an instance this what I say to myself every morning.

“I am willing to change and now I choose to believe that it is getting easier for me to make the change” and “I am willing to let go. I release. I let go. I release all tension. I release all fear. I release all anger. I release all guilt. I release all sadness. I let go of all old limitations”

 Affirmations like this will generate positive energy in you and help you to deal with the crap this world offers every day.


A glass of warm water with an empty stomach has so much health benefits and still, only a few of you may know about it. It cleanses your body, keeps the gut and other internal organs healthy, helps your immune to fight infections and keeps the skin fresh to increase the glow on your face.

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Your muscle and joints get stiffened as their movement was limited to only one or two positions through the whole night, so a little bit of stretching is the least that your body demands.

A good amount of time devoted for exercising would be the best nutrition for your body but for the busy chaps of this ever dynamic world, at least a 2 minute stretching with a 10-minute jog is necessary.


There is a reason breakfast is called breakfast, it is comprised of two words ‘break’ and ‘fast’ which is being so because you were empty-stomached for a long time, so indirectly you were on a fast for many hours and when you eat something in the morning, you BREAK this fast.

So, that is why you should eat the most in the morning, as it is the time when your body needs nutrients the most, unlike this we barely eat anything in our breakfasts, which is why about 6 Crore Indians and 34% Americans are obese.

So, I hope these tips to beat the day by winning the morning has been helpful. Do you have tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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