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Skype gets AI-powered Live Captions & Subtitles

Skype app launched the call captioning facility with live captions and subtitles for a desktop to celebrate the United Nations International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

These call captioning feature works for one on one call to any mobile number and also in group calls with the friend group or work team. A user can activate or turn on the call captioning option for a single call or keep them activated for all the calls via settings.

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Additional viewing option:

In Skype, live caption & subtitles are optimized to be brisk, updated contextually as people speak. Until now, it functioned in a magnificent way that the captions and subtitles would auto-scroll while in a call.

But in the future, you can’t miss a moment with the additional viewing options like the ability to scroll through them in their own side window. Everyone in the Skype community can experience the new live caption & subtitles feature. This is extremely helpful for people especially who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Translation feature:

When you are learning a new language, facing risk in understanding your friend from abroad or attending a meeting in a new language, this new translation feature will help you to do to the things better. The company has decided to deliver translation support over 20 languages and dialects in the forthcoming weeks.

For every call, you will be able to read the subtitles in your language by turning on the translation settings. It will help you to understand things better and act accordingly.

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I shall be sharing more technology, gadgets, and news related information in the upcoming posts. So, stay tuned for that. Until then!

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