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How to take Care of Sensitive Skin? | Skincare

All about Sensitive Skin Type & It’s Correct Care

What is a Sensitive Skin Type?

Are you experiencing slight red patches on your skin, dryness or blemishes?  Maybe even itchy skin, a burning or a stinging sensation? These are all signs of Sensitive Skin. Uncomfortable? No doubt.

External Factors: We expose our skin to many things that can dry our skin barrier or weaken it like Air conditioned offices, centrally heated homes, hot water, harsh chemicals etc. Another thing that is important to your skin is PH level. Big changes in pH will also weaken your skin barrier.

All your skin cells are programmed to react if they detect something they should not be there, and it is these reactions that can lead to dryness, redness, tightness, a stinging sensation, blotches or breakouts.

Internal Factors: There are times when there are sudden changes in your hormones. That could be during the periods when you are stressed out etc. This can cause your skin to react and sensitive skin responds to stress by making oily sebum, by becoming red, itchy or irritated.

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What type of Sensitive Skin you have?

Oily & Sensitive skin type:

Excess sebum is the reason behind your skin’s midday shine, makeup meltdowns and clogged pores that lead to severe acne/adult acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

Dry & Sensitive skin type: 

The less moisture your skin retains, the weaker the cellular barrier and the more your skin is prone to get irritated and hence, severe flakiness, itchiness & tightness.

Combination & Sensitive skin type:

This is a lot more challenging than the above because some areas of your skin are dry & other tends to be oily. Excess oil and Dryness again leads to acne/adult acne, blackheads, whiteheads at certain areas and flakiness, itchiness & tightness in some areas.

You may have sensitive skin for a variety of reasons, but often in response to particular skin care products. So, you need to choose every single product for your skin wisely.

Never skip doing a patch test whenever you try a new product.

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Know what triggers your skin sensitivity

So, once you know that you have sensitive skin, you need to know what triggers that sensitivity and how you can avoid it too. Always observe the response of your skin to:

Certain skin care products,

The kind of weather that is irritating your skin the most,

Certain cosmetics,

Stress levels,

and many such things.

Once you know your skin the best, you will be able to keep a good care of your skin. Right?

Look for Products that are labelled “hypoallergenic” at the drug store or pharmacy. Or, ones with more natural ingredients tend to be a better option.

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How to choose the right Sensitive Skin care products?

If you have Sensitive skin type then you need to take care of the following things while choosing the right products for your skincare routines. This can be a challenge though. You’ll never know whether a product will work for you until you test it.


But there are certain things that can help you in the process and keep your skin happy, healthy and clean. It may take some trial-and-error in finding a right daily care routine that works for you. But once you learn to take proper care of your skin with gentle products, your skin will improve in texture as well. Let’s start with it:

Keeping it Simple & shorter

Sensitive skin is easily overwhelmed so it’s best to keep your everyday skincare routine simple. The shorter the ingredient list, the better. Also, the more complicated a formula, the more likely you are to introduce an irritant. The products that are best for sensitive skin tend to have only a few basic ingredients, so keep it simple.

Reading Labels Helps

Knowledge is power, so read the labels carefully. Once you know what ingredients trigger that sensitivity, you can simply avoid them by reading the labels before buying. Avoid irritants and you’ll have a healthy glow on the skin with time.

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Don’t over- wash/cleanse your skin

One of the most common skin care mistakes you can make is over-washing or cleansing your skin. If your skin is sensitive, washing your face more than two times per day will do more harm than good. Use warm water to cleanse your skin instead of hot water.

Also, many exfoliating scrubs are much too rough for people with sensitive skin. Gently rubbing your skin with a soft wash cloth or an exfoliating brush with soft bristles could be the right way to remove dead skin cells.

Don’t forget Sun Protection

Sensitive skin is especially prone to sun damage. So, make sure your Moisturizer has a good amount of SPF in it if you don’t wear a separate sunscreen.

Find Calming & Healing Ingredients

Try to look for products that contain calming as well as healing ingredients for your skin. Glycerin, Aloe vera, rose water, for example, are a few basic ingredients that calm and soothes skin. Still, ingredients don’t have the same effects on everyone. Always patch test any new skin product.

Harsh cleansers and exfoliating products can all increase inflammation, leaving your skin red, bumpy, dry and “tight” feeling. Also, choose the moisturizer that is hypoallergenic and that dermatologist recommended for people with sensitive skin, for example, the one by Brand Cetaphil.

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Avoid fragrances and Irritants

Even if a product smells absolutely amazing, it’s best to pass it up if it contains fragrances and you have sensitive skin. Try to avoid products that have alcohol, retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids etc., which can all be irritating for your skin. Instead, go for products that are fragrance-free or specifically designated for sensitive skin.

Fragrances in skin care products are a primary cause of skin irritation sometimes.


Let me know what is your Sensitive skin type below & any question if you have 🙂



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