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App Review: Sagoon – The social media revolution

Hi, Guy’s! Today I am gonna talk about this new app I got introduced with recently and I found it quite interesting and safe to use and thought of sharing it with you too. I am talking about this app called Sagoon App. It is a FREE social media revolution App that helps you build a rewarding life through the innovative social path:

Check out the App here…

Sagoon App
  • Connect.

  • Share.

  • Earn.

About Sagoon App:

Sagoon is a multi-application platform available on Android smartphones – connected 4G/3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi. This app now introduces a comprehensive suite of products (apps) –

  • MyDay

  • Story sharing and

  • MoodTalk

Sagoon App

Each of the above has unique features, a different customer presentation strategy; the purpose of each application is to strengthen true connections and be productive. And you can get started after you sign up by clicking the GET STARTED button shown above.

Sagoon App

Why I like it? Keep on reading to know.

Sagoon’s MyDay: 
MyDay is your smart organizer that visualizes how your day looks like with your loved ones. This tool simplifies your daily life at home and office. Using this tool would mirror your daily activities with your loved ones that gives you a peace of mind and saves time and money as well.

Sagoon App


Sagoon’s Story Sharing:

The story sharing is an information, experience, confession or incidence which you’ve never disclosed publicly in words. But, if disclosed, it can make people learn something significant. This feature is designed on the idea of building a transparent society and improving the quality of a personal life. Sharing a story might become a bonding agent and a gift to others.

Sagoon App

You are allowed to use 220 characters and up to three images to post a story. As a user, you can post your story (photos and video) under the “Open” category, allowing all of your contacts to view, like, dislike or comment on it. While posting you can choose to hide your identity. You can also send one-on-one story messages which will vanish after they are read.

The most interesting and unique aspect of sharing a story is “tracking,” which means you can see the number and the names of locations your story has traveled to.

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Why do you use?
Every moment there is always something going on around you. And sometimes no one knows it better than you. What if you could share it with others and bring change? It can be your own story!

Sagoon’s MoodTalk
MoodTalk is a simple chatting tool which lets your mood do the talking. You simply switch your mood happy, sad, sick, etc to express what you feel. As in real life where we do not record all things we say, in MoodTalk your chats also vanish automatically after 24 hours.

Sagoon App

Why you use?
There can be days when you’re feeling happy, awesome, sad or plain sick. You don’t want to open an email/phone call or any other chat app to share your emotional state with family or friends. What happens? You stay alone and feel lonely. Here, with MoodTalk, let’s say you are sick, you can set your Mood to ‘Sick’, which will notify or send SMS to your loved ones who might start connecting with you and you can then express your feelings that re-establish your relation and remove your loneliness.

Sagoon App

Secondly, unlike other chat apps, you save your time here. Texting or chatting becomes annoying and time killing without knowing what mood your friend may be going through on the other side of chat. Some other highlights:

Sagoon introduces “Me page” a mix of personal and professional information, helping you network with others based on your mutual interests and needs. You can customize your profile with a photo, description, location, and interest that truly identify who you are.

Sagoon’s Web: 

You can also get more robust experience from our Sagoon’s Web (Desktop and Mobile web) from your web browser built in new full-scale angular technology.

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Unique ID: 

We believe, offering unique ID protects many unwanted activities and respects all community members in our platform. So there is no Username or Pin required but we integrate your phone number and email id to sync into one that will help us further to share our revenue when we introduce our Social Smart Card in next few months.

What else?

You can share your meetings, to-do list, and reminders, organize your contacts into categories of family, friend and co-worker, share your Me page for job findings, and many more!

Sagoon App

My Experience with Sagoon App:

So, I have been using this app from a few days and I really find it convenient because of the Organization, to-do list, and reminders etc. that it provides with MY DAY feature, and a safe place to connect with my friends, family and other people. Also, MOOD TALK which is such a fun and interesting feature by Sagoon because it’s just not like a theme or background color or wallpaper change option, but its entirely a different thing in itself which is way better.

The best part about the app here is the security and SHARE SECRETS feature and STORY SENDING because you feel secure and its completely safe to use.

Overall, it’s a way different and handy to use and saves time too. I highly recommend you all to try this app for sure. It’s completely a different world with mixed (old+new) features but with a better version of course. You will definitely love using it.

Check out the App here…


No Doubt! 4.8/5 😀

Do I recommend?

Yes! Hence, I highly recommend you to try this out and lemme know how did you find it 🙂

I hope this post has been helpful.

Have you tried Sagoon app?

Please let me know in the comments below. Also, If you like the post then don’t forget to Share…

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13 thoughts on “App Review: Sagoon – The social media revolution

  1. This seems like a different app. I should download to give it a try. The app is offering many different features and I like the freedom of chatting and the mood talking stuff.

  2. I havn’t seen or heard of an app like this and quite like the story sharing and mood talk features.. would surely give it a try

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