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A reed diffuser is a great option to add an instant scent to your space whether it’s your office or your home. The reeds soak up the liquid which is usually a fragrant oil and disperse the scent into the air making your surrounding space smell just the way you want it to. They last until all the fragrance oil evaporates.

Review –Nagpuri Narangi |Orange Organic Ambience Reed Diffuser

Product Description

For all spaces beautiful and fragrant. Made with love!

From the gorgeous dark tinted colour of the glass to the sleek and unique shape of the bottle, our organic reed-diffusers are the perfect little addition to any space. You will love how they spruce up the décor and leave your house smelling absolutely divine.

Made with natural essential oils, the lovely soft and lingering fragrance that they gently diffuse into the ambience will be welcoming, refreshing and rejuvenating for you or anyone else who visits your abode.

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Organic Goodness

It’s all about going back to the roots to discover the true joys of life. For the blissful scent of rose and jasmine will always bring a smile to your lips, the potent goodness of sandalwood and patchouli will warm your heart, and the freshness of orange transports you back to a joyous childhood.

Going back to these basics, we believe in making beautiful products, rich in organic ingredients and handmade with love. Together, these herbal products are not only the key to a healthy organic lifestyle but also strengthen our bond with our roots with all that is beautiful and natural.

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Content | Price

100 ml. | ₹750.00 Buy Here

How to Use?

  • Remove the lid and insert reed sticks in the glass decanter.

  • Flip the reeds stick 2-3 times in the decanter initially to saturate them with the fragrant oil.

  • Periodically reverse the ends of the reeds in the decanter for better diffusion of fragrance.

  • Enjoy the heavenly fragrance that it gently diffuses.

What’s My Take on the Product?

This is my first-ever reed diffuser, to be honest. I didn’t really have any idea about this kinda product before. So, I was really curious to try this out as soon as I received it.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the packaging which again I like very much. It comes in a cardboard box kinda packaging which is really gorgeous if we see the colour combination as well. The main diffuser which contains the fragrant oil has the glass bottle packaging which has a wooden cork at the top for it to stay airtight.

It has got about 6 reed sticks with it which helps in diffusing the scent to the outer space. Initially, I tried it by using all the sticks at once, but I found the scent little strong for myself. So, I pulled out half of the sticks and kept it with 3 sticks instead as per my comfort level.

reed diffuser

I found it a really nice product, on the whole, except for the fragrant I received. I am not really into citrusy scents. They have a variety of scents available in the same. So, I might buy another one in the fragrance of my choice because I really liked the quality of the product and hence, I won’t ever mind indulging into a few for myself and my loved ones.

And as you know that my surrounding does affect my mood a lot. So, it’s a complete YAY! for me. Also, it’s made of natural essential oil & has got the organic goodness inside. Hence, I highly suggest you try it. It’s worth every penny.

reed diffuser

I agree to it when they say-

This tantalizing citrusy scent of fresh oranges infuses the ambience with its vibrant energy and vitality. Its fragrance works like a charm to uplift and rejuvenates the mind.

Product Rating

4.5/5 (Minus 0.5, just because I got the wrong fragrance otherwise a great product)

Do I recommend?

Yes! It’s worth every penny. Hence, I highly recommend you to try this out and lemme know how did you find it 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Review – Nagpuri Narangi Reed Diffuser | Song of India

  1. I really like your review on this scented diffuser. It looks very attractive from outside. And I just love the product for its ultimate fragrance. I love the sweet fragrances around my area which can change my mind from worst to good. I will try this diffuser but of my choice of fragrance. Thanks for sharing this

  2. I can totally smell it….. Citrusy smells are always refreshing… Actually my husband prefers such diffusers or room fresheners

  3. I’ve used ginger diffuser from other brand and in love with these diffusers I feel like citrus is also good option will try soon

  4. Wow, the scented diffuser is looking beautiful. I love the citrus fragrance and I think this is just perfect to lift the mood up and bring a refresh feeling each time…

  5. I haven’t used any diffusers so far, but I love citrusy scents. So I think I might like this. Looks like a great product to lift up my mood.

  6. Wow It really looks very attractive. I love fragrances for my house it’s can create a heavenly environment around me. Thanks for sharing.

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