Madurai Jasmine Scented Candle | Song of India

My Current Favorite | Madurai Jasmine Candle | Song of India

When I think of the word Cosy, there are a few things that acquire my mind, and A Scented Candle is one of them. It’s not just a home decor element, but it helps keep my space smelling fresh, fragrant and especially cosy.

Also, I have mentioned a lot of times before that I love reading books and my mood is quite dependent on the environment around where I am working, reading and so on. I love spaces that look cosy and feel comfortable in and out. So, let’s get into my Current Favorite Scented Candle by a brand called The Song of India.

Review – Madurai Jasmine Scented Candle | Song of India

Product Description:

For that warm fuzzy glow. Handmade with love!

What’s Different:

These organic candles are lovingly hand-poured, using natural soy wax. The goodness of soy wax lies in the fact that it is a renewable resource that’s not only toxin-free but burns much longer as well. Our lead- free cotton wicks add to their Eco-friendly composition. Gently infused with the exquisite fragrance of natural essential oils, our candles are sure to brighten up your spirits.

What You’ll Love:

Nothing beats the beautiful scent of jasmine blossoms and fresh Mogra. It’s soft, delicate floral note infuses the ambience with a lovely lingering fresh fragrance. The scented candle is prepared with essential oils and natural soy wax.

Story: Organic Goodness

It’s all about going back to the roots to discover the true joys of life. For the blissful scent of rose and jasmine will always bring a smile to your lips, the potent goodness of sandalwood and patchouli will warm your heart, and the freshness of orange transports you back to a joyous childhood.

Going back to these basics, we believe in making beautiful products, rich in organic ingredients and handmade with love. Together, these herbal products are not only the key to a healthy organic lifestyle but also strengthen our bond with our roots with all that is beautiful and natural.

Prepared With:

Essential Oils & Natural Soy Wax

Burn Time:

60 Hours

What’s My Take on the Product?

I usually lit candles while I am working in the evenings, while I am reading a book before sleeping, while I hear soft music or even when I watch a movie with my loved ones. It instantly lifts my mood, helps in managing stress & relaxes my senses.

A Scented Candle is something that could switch my mood instantly. So, when I received the Madurai Jasmine Candle from Song of India, I instantly got surprised by the beautiful outer packaging. The Candle was packed into a gorgeous khaki & cream coloured box which was having a kind of cardboard layers.

Madurai Jasmine Scented Candle | Song of India

Madurai Jasmine Scented Candle | Song of India

Madurai Jasmine Scented Candle | Song of India

I was really curious to see how the Candle smells because the outer packaging had the tag Organic on it. I opened it up from the bottom and was really impressed by the Candle’s Outer Jar. It had the twist-open cap at the top with an accessory attached to it with a thread making it look even more elegant.

So, when I twisted the cap I could feel the aroma reaching out to my nostrils lifting up my mood. I instantly got impressed without even burning it. I used it this way on my work desk for a few days because it has a really nice & rich aroma when kept really near so I didn’t find the much need to burn it that way.

Also, when I am not working I lit the candle and keep it for a few minutes, and blow it off when I feel the need to do so. The beautiful scent of jasmine blossoms and fresh Mogra stays for quite a long time when I have my room closed and there is no escape for the inside air.

So, it’s a big thumb’s up for the Madurai Jasmine Candle from Song of India from my side. So, I highly suggest you try it out. You will love it too just as me.

Some Other Tips:

If you ever feel like having a luxurious bath, Just lit a scented candle before starting off. It will help relax your mind and calm your senses. Try it! 🙂

Gift it to your loved ones and you might uplift their mood.

Use them for Romantic Candle light Dinners.

Use them while Christmas, Diwali and other special occasions.

Product Rating:


Do I recommend?

Yes! It’s worth every penny. Also, These candles are sure to brighten up your spirits. Hence, I highly recommend you to try this out and lemme know how did you find it 🙂


INR 650 for 200g

(Hence, It’s a steal for the Burn Time of 60 Hours 😀 )

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33 thoughts on “My Current Favorite | Madurai Jasmine Candle | Song of India

  1. These candles really look great. Its fragrance must be awesome. I never tried such candles for my pleasure. But sounds interesting how you use these for your fun and pleasure. But these are a bit pricy as an only candle.

  2. These candles are amazing and I love the smell of jasmine and mogra. And perfect for candle light dinner or to gift someone. ThankYou for such lovely post

  3. Oh my my… The candle is looking awesome… I can feel the aroma through your words… Though the price is on the higher side, I would definitely love to try once… The best option to gift.

  4. Oh, my god, the candle and the overall packaging looks absolutely stunning and lovely. I am really a sucker for products and brand who take such care in packaging. Loving the brand songs of India already. Where can I buy them?

  5. Maine abhi is brand ka koi product use nahi kiya hai
    Per aapke review k baad interest aa raha hai
    60hrs sach me steal deal hai
    Acchi luxury hai

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