Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review

Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review

 Do you have skin problems? Pollutants, dirt, dust, soot & grime of all sorts play havoc on our skin. To tackle with these problems we have come up with the Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review.


Omorfee Perfecting Facial Creme– Anti-Pollution Facial Crème (Up-to 2.5 PPM)

Our face holds the onus of our identity and the condition of our face is a true reflection of our lifestyle, habits and care we put it to sustain our health and beauty. Our facial skin is the most delicate one compared to the rest of our body.

Several factors tend to mar the health of our skin, the primary ones being unhealthy lifestyle and the environment we live in. From acne, skin sensitivity to premature ageing, the adverse effects of pollution on skin is countless.

It is of highest importance to defend our facial skin and pamper it with the care it truly deserves.

Omorfee’s Perfecting Facial Crème, made with only natural and certified organic ingredients, is one such product that prevents pollutant particles from entering the skin tissues, thanks to the patented oil of Echium.

Presence of pure natural butters, organic oils and organic emollients hydrate and nourish your skin deeply. Green Tea Extract and Turmeric Oil preclude skin infection while Olive Leaf Extract, Rose Extracts and Strawberry Extracts detoxify and rejuvenate your skin.

It is devoid of Paraben, Paraffins, Silicones, Alcohols, Glycols, Synthetic Colors and Fragrance.

Cruelty Free: Not tested on animals

How to Use: 

Apply generously to cleansed face, in light tapping movements, in the morning. For better results repeat the same at bedtime.

For best results, use Omorfee skin toner, as per your skin type, prior to the application of this luxurious creme.


Echium Seed Oil:

The patented active oil of Echiumplantagineum seed oil. It prevents and reduces skin barrier damage caused due to environmental stress factors.

Yeast Extract:

It deeply hydrates skin and being rich in several nutrients, it fortifies skin immensely.

Olive leaf Extract:

It is loaded with antioxidants, phenols and hydrating molecules, which hydrates skin at tissue level and prevents skin sensitivity.

Green tea oil Extract:

It is very rich in antioxidants like Catechins, which help protect skin from UV rays .Its astringent and antiseptic properties minimizes skin irritation and soothes skin.

Turmeric oil:

Critically extracted Turmeric Oil, is a trove of antioxidants and Curcumene, which greatly protect skin from harmful external factors and prevent skin ageing.

Aloevera Extract:

It has a great amount of phyto nutrients, which hydrate, soothe and prevent skin from infections.

Starwberry Extract:

The Ellagic Acid of Strawberry Extract provides skin the much needed antioxidants to keep it free of age spots and maintain its suppleness and elasticity.


Daily care, facial creme, Sun damage protection, anti- pollution, skin rejuvenation, anti-oxidant, emollient, moisturizer.

Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review

Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review
Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review
Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review
Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review

Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review

It comes packed in a wooden textured round jar with a twist open cap. I apply the required amount of product on my skin on daily skincare routine basis.

It works even better straight after washing or cleansing the Face because the skin is damp. It is really very hydrating that I must say, I really like it!

I have been using this cream for many days now. It does protects from the skin from Dry weather conditions & Moisturise the skin really very well. The hydration is retained in the skin, & my skin feels hydrated & soft for quite a long time.

It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling & It suits my dry to combination skin really well. The best part about this cream is the mild fragrance and the texture it has.

It absorbs & melts into the skin easily & does what it claims. The only thing I would like to mention is that It’s not for people with oily skin. I have a Oily T-zone area where I use it in very little amount.

It’s great for people with normal to dry to very dry skin. I highly recommend you to try out the Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme.


Rs.2,099 for 50 gm

Buy Here

Do I recommend?

Yes! I would highly recommend this product for people with normal to dry skin to very dry skin.

I hope this article “Omorfee Skin Perfecting Facial Creme Review” has been helpful. I shall be back with more product reviews. Stay tuned! 😀


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