What do you Need to Know About Native App Development in 2020

What do you Need to Know About Native App Development in 2020?

Native App development deals with the designing of various software programs, which are the best work with different sets of gadgets. And hence, it should be well equipped in the case of smartphones and desktops. And with the advent of modern-day technology, it is compatible with other electronic gadgets too.

As per the latest statistics, the Android and iOS platforms have slashed out other platforms from the market. As a result, the smartphone market is resulting in gaining the ground.

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Android and iOS platforms have found their way through the electronic world and have created numerous changes in this tech-savvy era. So going forward with this trend, the development of native apps is all about designing apps that hold good both in Android and iOS.

As a result,  all the native app and mobile development should support Android as well as iOS. So stay tuned to get all the updates in regards to the native app development. So let’s dive into in-depth analysis and understanding of native app development in 2019:

A Brief Layout on Native App Development –
Create React Native App

Android apps are not browser friendly and so it is quintessential to download it from the Google store or Apple store. So, the native mobile app is basically a handset-based application built for its multiple usages on different platforms such as Android or iOS. A native app is built with a different programming language which includes Java, iOS, Kotlin, Cobol and many more.

However, there are a variety of guidelines for each one of them. As a result, coders must follow them strictly on the basis of styles, topography, visual effects, fonts, layout, etc. These guidelines will sail you through the entire process and will make things simpler as well.

The native app requires an adequate skill set and a good understanding of the technology, unlike the mobile app development. Also, the features of native app development vary from mobile app development to a considerable extent. However, all the users will get the first-hand experience and use the functionalities.

Native App Development Framework

Since most of the companies lack require skilled employees, the native app framework provides cross-platform development, which is a quick solution to this problem. They are not similar to hybrid frameworks such as Cordova or Ionic.

Native app development helps you to design native components using prominent web technologies, which the programmers combine with native code. Android Jetpack can also be used for certain components. Apart from the unbuilt tools, there are other tools as well that are used. 

Essential Features of Native App Development

1. Seamless Access

While developing native apps, you should code with the help of various programming languages intended for the particular OS. And hence, as a result, various versions are present for just one particular platform which makes it seamless.

2. Quality Speed

Since these apps are designed for iOS, it will provide optimum performance during the testing phase. All the parameters are taken into account while developing such apps which includes memory utilization as well as battery backup. Moreover, using various gestures and incorporating new features is very easy when it comes to native apps.

3. Aesthetic Value

With technical innovations piercing through the knocks and corners of mobile apps, the native app is not an exception. The most important aspect is that these apps are built-in specialized Software Development Kit. User Interface of such kit goes very well based on the platform used. This will make the UI more consistent. In a nutshell, user experience is enhanced since there is no major distinction between OS and the native design of apps.

4. Addition of New Features

Now native mobile apps quickly grasped the newly built features of Android and iOS. Web technology has no longer access to APIs directly. Rather, the hybrid can only operate once there is an extra feature.

5. Good Coordination for App Store Guidelines

Owing to the superior quality architecture, native mobile apps are quite compatible with the guidelines of the App Store. However, in 2017 Apple imposed certain restrictions. They have been drastically removing apps that work on Ionic View.  Moreover, when it comes to Native app development, it is thus a fruitful move since native mobile apps find its way out amidst the rejection. 

Hybrid App vs. Native App

On the basis of the major variety, we have outlined the major distinction of hybrid app vs. native app. This will pave the way into the new world of technology. If you take a closer look, the superficial features are quite similar but the major features vary a lot. As stated earlier, hybrid apps are nothing but a pure blend of native as well as web apps.

However, the major advantage of hybrid apps is the minimalistic design and its handy features. All you need to do is to write the entire code once and the rest will be taken care of by the hybrid app.

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It will help in the implementation of the code in various operating systems. With the help of Apache Cordova, you can design a hybrid application based on cross-platform.

On the contrary, native apps use specific languages like Java or Swift. Without the use of any third party, native apps can easily access the camera and microphone. However, in the case of hybrid apps you need to use some plugins in order to access various capabilities of the device. This is all about the distinction between native apps vs. hybrid apps.


It doesn’t matter whether you are using native frameworks or not, it is necessary to perform end-user monitoring. App monitoring tools are there, which will help you through the following process. However, this app should be built properly. This is because native app development requires various skill sets and thorough understanding. Therefore, the coder should have the required skill set. 

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