Do You Love Scented Candles too? |

Do You Love Scented Candles too? |

Hi, guys 😀 I hope you are doing well! Do You Love Scented Candles too? | Well, I love them. So we recently collaborated with as I really liked their item collection & was really excited to work with them.

Product Review: Green Tea & Bamboo Candle

They have sent us a few Home decor Bottle Art pieces & A Green tea & Bamboo candle. Today I am going to talk about the Candle I got. Check it out here… Green Tea & Bamboo Candle. It retails for only Rs. 130 for 250 g.

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Product Details

Green Tea & Bamboo Candle – Jar, colored and scented

Q factor | Color

A 24-hour aromatic experience. No fire, no ash, truly maintenance-free | Green

Do You Love Scented Candles too? |

If you believe candles light up the dark with a rare, natural elegance and soothe the mood (or are simply an advocate of candle-light dinners), brighten up with Qtrove’s curated collection of organic Candles and Candle Holders.

Buy from a variety of 100% all natural – handmade candles, beautifully designed and exotically scented with aromas that will calm your senses or transport you across the globe. Also, purchase our abundant – grand, artistic and quirky styled – candle holders, to alluringly add to your love for candles and your home’s décor.

Looking to spark a smile with a gift? Try the unscented glow light candle sets or realistic cupcake themed candles, especially for birthdays.

Have a good look around at their site. You can choose a specific scent and see the range they have here… Qtrove Website

Scented candle
Scented candle

My Experience with Green Tea & Bamboo Candle

I read a lot of books & it’s a perfect thing for book readings at night time. I don’t feel like reading in too many lights & usually prefer reading in natural sunlight in the daytime. A candle is a perfect option if you don’t want too much of lights for night time reading. Also, I love using it for Spa bath experience. Here are a few more reasons why I love Scented/Aroma candles:

Candles bring colour and warm fragrances to Bathrooms, Dining area & Bedrooms, & also works as great Home decor option when put in a nice candle holder to enhance the aesthetics. Light and fragrance are the most effective and easiest way to improve your home’s mood and ambience. Have a Spa bath experience with your specific fragrance Candle & that will help relax your body & mind too.

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While candles are great for mood-setting, they are just as wonderful when enjoyed alone. Grab a book, a cup of Coffee and relax to the warm light of a few candles. Christmas Dinner & Even any occasional dinner isn’t the same without a couple of candles. They enhance the environment with their dim & soft light. Also, they can be used as gifts for almost all occasions.

For an anniversary gift, a Birthday gift to a Bookaholic friend rather than just gifting a book always, try scented candles instead. They are the easiest way to create instant romance. The addition of music can be perfect and the food divine, but if the soft dim candle lights are on. Romantically, the warm glow of candles caresses our senses creating an atmosphere of love.

The benefits of burning aroma candles can be experienced when the fragrance is inhaled. They have oils extracted from flowers, herbs, fruits other plants which have the healing properties. They relax our mind to a great level.


I hope you enjoyed reading the article. Stay tuned for more…

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11 thoughts on “Do You Love Scented Candles too? |

  1. Mujhy perfumes kisi bhi tarah pasand hai , mera surrounding me hamesha fragrance rehti hi hai, isiliye mujhy candles bhi pasand hai, inko hum room decoration me bhi use karty huey rakh saktey hain

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of scented candles until recently one of my friends gifted it to me…they are like relaxes,rejuvenates and cleanses the mind and soul…a great spa treat at home!!
    I checked out this website…I am looking forward to buy the candles plus i loved the lip balms they have..quite affordable!

  3. Srsly this product is not only cheap but refreshing one.I can substitute this in place of candles which produce ash….N as gift too.

  4. I love Scented candles especially in evenings time when I lit scented candle and scent passes in all rooms of my home oooooo i love it. And nice post

  5. I love scented candles… My granda alwys bring these scented candles and i m loving it from my childhood

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