Lockdown Hardy and Neha

Lockdown – Hardy and Neha rock it!

Do you listen to music in most of your spare time? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place at the right time. At your fingertips, you have a variety of choices to make from. From all these the best one, which I have lately come across is this musical show called, ‘Lockdown’ on ZEE5.

If you think this show is just like any other musical reality show, then you are wrong. The trailer itself will take you by surprise.

Watch the trailer here:

What makes Lockdown so great?

Various singers from Bollywood as well as digital superstars are a part of this show, where they are expected to lure the audiences with their creativity and talent. Just watching the trailer isn’t enough and hence I got myself hooked to this show. It comprises of different artists who take up the challenge of crafting 2 songs and shooting respective music videos within a span of 24 hours.

Taken to a different location, the catch is that these artists have to take inspiration from the backdrop of the location and craft/compose an already existing melody in a new way.

Incredible Artists, Incredible Music

Episode 4 features Neha Bhasin and Hardy Sandhu who have simply blown away the audiences with their performance. The composition of the songs, to shooting and editing as well as acting, everything was done with grace.

If you are already in love with the concept of this show, then download ZEE5and enjoy the comforts of watching this original. Get the benefit of enjoying ’Lockdown’ whenever you want as it also has a ‘download’ option, which allows you to download the episodes so that you can watch anywhere, anytime.

Episode 4 Promo:

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I hope you have found this post useful. Many more to come. So, Stay tuned!

Until then, Keep Listening to your Favorite Music…


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