Keeping you in spotlight Shoe |

Keeping you in spotlight Shoe |

Hi 🙂 everyone! Today, I am going to share with you all a pair of Keeping you in spotlight Shoe | I have been wearing these shoes for quite a while now. Lets start with the details first:

Product Description-

Keeping you in spotlight shoe by Street style store SSS

Shoe Material- Synthetic Leather

Sole Material- Sheet Sole

Shoe Type- Oxford

My Experience:

I bought the Keeping you in spotlight shoe by SSS about one year ago. I bought 2 pairs with an offer of 2 for Rs. 999. They are made of Synthetic Leather as I discussed in the description above & are really very comfortable.

I pair them up with any type of dress/ethnic wear. I mostly wear ethnic & the shoes of this type & category suit my outfit really well. These can be paired with jeans/dresses as well amazingly.I love these.

They are affordable & of great quality. I love the golden brown color they have. They have laces which not only enhances the look of the shoes really well but function if there is a need to tighten/loosen.

They complement every outfit really well. I love them! I highly recommend you to try out the SSS collection.




Rs. 699

Do I recommend?

Yes! Please go ahead! & give this a try. You would not be disappointed. Keeping you in spotlight Shoe | have been really comfortable for every day wear & suits every kind of dress weather ethnic or western.

I shall be back with a lot more interesting stuff. Stay tuned! 😀

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