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A Unique Personalized Gift – The Jab We Met Frame By InstaMosaicStudio

We all as human being go through many stages of life, some bad and some good. Most of us want to delete bad memories from our life but willing to preserve our good memories for long.

Instances like your first meet with loved ones, birthdays, marriage anniversary and more. So, these small and big, nice and happy moments are to be captured so that we can always cherish those moments in the future.

Do you agree? If yes, then we have found a very nice product in terms of “Jab We Met” frames by InstaMosaicStudio which we now use to capture and preserve our good memories.

The way the whole idea is implemented is unique and easy to understand, makes it loved by so many people. Parents are the best gifts that we got from God and we hear this almost all the time. Since God can’t be present everywhere, so he made parents to take care of children. And this is true.

So, in return, if I and my younger sister can do a small bit for them, we feel very happy and relaxed from the inner core of our hearts. So, it is always a great occasion for all of us when the day arrives every year when they got married. For our parents, it was the day when they became one.

The Jab We Met Frame by InstaMosaicStudio

For me and my sister, it was a great day. It was on the 4th of February in 1991. Luckily we got a very nice and clear picture from their recent album. After seeing that, an idea clicked in our mind to frame this valuable memory in a frame and gift to our parents.

Finally while thinking about this, we came to know about “Jab We Met” Frames where it is very easy to get your pictures framed and delivered at your doorstep.

The Jab We Met Frame Customization

You don’t need to go anywhere, it’s just a matter of time you upload your image (scanned copy), write your text that you want to display on the frame, mention the date, name of persons to be shown, you can mention the location of the event too.

For that matter, you have the option to choose it in a map too, on top of it if you are not able to find your location you can send that location or a nearby location to “7434065995” as WhatsApp message.

Isn’t this a tremendous flexibility?

The Ordering Process

It can be seen that the order process is very simple and doesn’t take more than 5 minutes. Yes, it’s that quick and easy to do. You just need to have a nice picture and everything is really easy with the use of their website while placing the order for any frame that you like.

Once the order is placed, you will receive a preview of the frame, picture, text written on your WhatsApp and you can ask for any correction if required. That’s the best feature in it and you can always ask them for any correction if you have to make.

This feature makes sure that the customer is satisfied with the preview of the final product to avoid any issues later on.

Delivery Process And Our Experience

Once the order was placed from our side, it took lesser than 7 working days for the frame delivery. And we were really happy with how convenient and safe the packaging was. And as we opened the box, we were surprised to see the quality and material that’s been used to make the frame.

We found it much better than what we had expected.

A 12×12 inches, matte black laminated frame with the picture and everything has been written so beautifully on it. It made our day. It has been a few days now and the frame concept, as well as the design, has been admired by almost everyone who has seen it.

In the end, I would highly recommend you to gift this beautiful frame to your loved ones. They will surely love it as we do. It’s a unique Personalized Gift for anyone who is looking for something cool and new these days rather than simple photo frames.

Moreover, the service by the team of InstaMosaicStudio is commendable. They are easily available on Whatsapp to answer all of your queries and problems. For us, it has been an amazing experience.

Where You Can Place Your Orders?

You can place your frame orders here on their Official website…  

You can also reach them on their Social Media Platforms mentioned below:

Instagram and Facebook

I hope this post has been helpful. I shall be sharing more similar stuff with you guys soon. So, stay tuned for that.

Also, don’t forget to check out the InstaMosaicStudio. It’s worth your time I promise.

Until then!

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