Why do you need Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks?

Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks Review

Hi guys 🙂 I hope you are doing great! Today I am going to talk all about the my pampering Night Skincare Routine with Innisfree facial Sheet masks. Lets get straight to the point – Why do you need Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks?

All about a Facial Sheet Mask

Basically a facial sheet mask is a sheet of cotton or other non woven material in the shape of a face with openings in it for mouth, eyes and nose. These sheets are pre-soaked up in a serum based formula which has all the nutrients before being packed into convenient packs for one time use.

These masks are great for inducing a deep boost of hydration & nutrients to your skin.

There is a sheet mask for every skin type out there. There are masks with Aloevera, Lemon, Tea Tree, Cucumber, Pomegranate, Green tea & many such.


How to use a Facial Sheet Mask?

Step 1

Cleanse your face & tone it with a good toner to prepare it for a sheet mask application.(Toning is not a necessary step, but Toning helps with absorption of the nutrients from the Sheet mask’s serum better).

Step 2

Remove the sheet mask from the pack, unfold it gently & apply it starting from the forehead area. Adjust the openings/holes it has around the eyes & smooth it on to avoid air gaps.

It basically has good amount of serum & that can be rubbed into the skin of your neck even into your hands.

Step 3

Lay down & relax for the absorption of the nutrients well into the skin for about 15-20 minutes as mentioned in the instructions on the pack.

Step 4

Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes & massage or tap with your hands gently to further push all the serum’s nutrients from the sheet into your skin.



Why do you need Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks?

 I have acne prone combination skin as I have mentioned before so many times. In winters I don’t really like much of the washable face mask because I am a lazy person & in winters it’s so difficult for me to wash my face again & again with cold water.

I avoid using warm water for my face because it dries out my skin like my my cheek area very badly. So I thought of trying out the facial sheet masks as pampering your skin with a good mask every week once or twice is a must for healthy looking skin.

So I got a few Innisfree sheet masks with Lemon,Tea tree, Aloevera, Lemon etc. for my skincare routine. I have been using these masks for a few weeks now.

I use these once a week & Trust me guys, it’s a way more than pampering your skin. After I finish with the above 4 step routine & wake up the next morning.

My skin feels so hydrated, smooth, soft & pampered. All of the puffiness goes away. It feels like rejuvenated honestly. The nutrients penetrates into the skin really deep & keeps it hydrated for a long long time.

I love using sheet masks. I have got 10 masks & I am definitely going to buy more. A big thumbs up. I highly recommend sheet masks to you guys. Here are a few tips for more benefits:

Tip 1

I mostly use the facial sheet masks in my Night skincare routine as it doesn’t require any Moisturizer to be applied afterwards & which helps it work whole night for maximum benefits.

Tip 2

Put the the Masks into the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before use in summer times & enjoy the extra benefits of touch of cool serum.

I always keep aloevera in my refrigerator. Hence, it works wonders in cooling down the sun stressed skin & puffiness.

Tip 3

Sheet masks are for 1 time use only.

Tip 4

Use the sheet masks Once or twice a week.


4.7/5 😀


Ranges between Rs.100 – Rs.200/per Sheet Mask

Do I recommend?

Yes! 😀 Please try it & trust me you won’t go back after using it once. It’s available for every skin type.

Check out the collection here… Get Sheet Masks Here

I hope this article on Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks has been useful. I shall be back with more product reviews. Stay tuned!



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23 thoughts on “Innisfree Facial Sheet Masks Review

  1. Will definitely try these ones…please review the face shop sheet masks too dear..n maybe a comparison between the two..innisfree n face shop

  2. Main skin18 k sheet mask use karti hu, thanks for ur tips, ab aur bhi acche se use karke jyada benifit mil jayega
    Thanks for detailed review

  3. So much of information about sheet masks. Loved reading it 🙂
    I too prefer sheet masks in winter because I easily catch cold if I wash my face again and again while applying other face masks which are in paste like consistency.

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