Importance of Vitamin E and its Health Benefits

In this super-busy era, have forgotten exactly how to take care of ourselves. Our improper diet habits are causing deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, which further affect our health. When considering vitamins, the most significant and powerful of all is Vitamin E.

What makes Vitamin E so significant & approachable?

Vitamin E is a package of eight fat-soluble vitamins that act as antioxidants in the human body. From these eight different forms of vitamin E, there are two groups that are divided into four belonging to a group called tocopherols, and the other four are known as tocotrienols.

Firstly, the four tocopherols include:

  • alpha-tocopherol
  • beta-tocopherol
  • delta-tocopherol
  • gamma-tocopherol

The four forms of tocotrienols include:

  • d-alpha tocotrienol
  • d-beta tocotrienol
  • d-delta tocotrienol
  • d-gamma tocotrienol

In the human body, the most important among these Vitamin E compounds is alpha-tocopherol because it has the best digestibility and absorption rate. Apart from this, it is gamma-tocopherol that is the most important form of vitamin E in the American diet.

Scientifically, vitamin E tocopherols are the most widely researched since they have a higher priority. However, research is still ongoing to examine the potential health benefits of tocotrienols in the human body.

Top 5 Benefits of Vitamin E in the Human Body:

1.      Acts as a free radical remover:

The most important function and the benefit that Vitamin E serves comes from the antioxidant property of vitamin E. Antioxidants act as free radical removers.

Free radicals are the unstable compounds that can damage the body’s cell structure and we need something to repair it. Other than that, vitamin E can be useful for you for improving the immunity level of your body.

2.      Improves Skin and Hair:

Another huge benefit of vitamin E because of its antioxidant properties is its role in skin and hair. Vitamin E helps by promoting blood circulation to the scalp.

3.     Helps fibrocystic breast disease:

Women who suffer from fibrocystic breast disease mostly find relaxation and relief with the help of vitamin E supplements. This breast disease can cause women very painful breasts; sometimes they can even get benign lumps and swelling.

4.     Fights cancer:

Vitamin E has been found to be very good at its cancer-fighting properties. Moreover, it protects the cells and DNA from getting damaged that could lead to the chances of getting cancer. Vitamin E helps to reduce the growth of tumors while enhancing immune function and also preventing the precancerous substances from turning into carcinogens.

As per a few other studies, vitamin E when applied to the skin can help in the prevention of skin cancer which basically results from exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

5.      Improves the Nervous System:

Vitamin E also helps to keep the human body’s nervous system healthy. This happens by protecting the myelin sheaths that surround the nerves.

Also, the E vitamin prevents mental degradation that occurs due to aging. This could also include the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.

You have to eat well in order to avail the benefits of vitamin E.  Wheat germ oil, almonds, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, avocado, hazelnuts, spinach, mango, and broccoli have an enormous amount of Vitamin E.


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