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How to write a Blog with Unique & Original Content?

You do need to be different & unique with your Content from the Content of other bloggers in order to attract and keep your readers. How to write a Blog with Unique & Original Content? 

Do you feel like you are working so hard, but you are not able to attract the right followers or readers? Why it’s that happening?

It’s happening because there should be some reason for readers to follow you, Right?

The most common reason is the lack of either Original or Unique Blog Content. So, Here are a few ways you can Create the content that actually works.

11 Tricks on How to write a Blog with Original & Unique Content

Follow Best Bloggers of your niche:

(Author Priya Kumar)

Follow the best people whose work inspire us the most & learn from their work. What makes their work so good that it inspires you? Go deep into the details & skills, & try to improve yours. Be better than the rest.

Your perspective should reflect in your writing:

Write from your personal experiences. Your own perspective is going to be more unique for example the reviews on different product or gadget or anything that you cover in your niche.

Always Work on Quality (Deep Content) instead of the Quantity:

1 great article is a way better than 5 bad or average rating articles. Do you agree?

Also a well written & Deep content is the master of the Blogging as explained in the Neil Patel’s Article (Please Read if you haven’t read this article before).

“The Content should be Deep.” 

So, what does it mean to have Deep content?

It means that the content covers as many relevant or related topics as possible.

“If you are writing about “hamster food,” then you want to create content that discusses types of hamsters and other relevant hamster topics.”

Keep Your Calm:

Don’t be too stressed out if you can’t work on a particular post right now. Some of your best ideas will probably take a little extra work to formulate into a good post.

Sometimes the location doesn’t fit your imagination, Sometimes the other distractions come up. So keep calm & schedule the particular work for later.

Keep a Journal:

(Author Robin Sharma)

Keeping a journal is ideal because it gives you one place to keep all of your ideas and incomplete thoughts and projects. You may need them anytime.

Also you can record your good times, daily learning & gratitude which again acts as a motivator, & helps to stay focused.


(Author Priya Kumar)

Pause after a few weeks for example 6 weeks & take a look at your 6 weeks work which includes Progress, Problems you faced, Keep an account on each & note them. Once you are satisfied with the progress, reward yourself.

If not satisfied enough, then have a look at what had gone wrong & how to ignore those mistakes in future.

Know what interests your readers & Opt for the less talked about Topics:

Find what topics your readers enjoy most to read. Because If the topic is already getting a lot of interest, and you’re able to provide more detail and depth which is not available yet anywhere.

Be a Problem Solver for your readers:

(Author Robin Sharma)

Do Q & A’s every once a month. It will help yours readers to connect with you through their questions & problems they need solution or advise for. It also will help you generate content ideas for the future articles benefiting your readers.


The content ideas need to be well brainstormed to allow for the best quality posts to be created. Plan your articles in advance. Read more on Content Brainstorming Ideas

Be Flexible:

You also need to have the flexibility to push the plan aside temporarily when a great idea or an important assignment comes up. Don’t be so hard on yourself & enjoy your flexibility.

Do you have any tricks that works for you on “How to write a Blog” ?

Let me know in the comments below & get featured here.

I hope this article on How to write a Blog with Unique & Original Content? has been helpful. I shall be back with some more interesting stuff soon. Stay tuned! 😀

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10 thoughts on “How to write a Blog with Unique & Original Content?

  1. I like the point of having our own perspective coz copying will make us reach nowhere…they say in hindu mythology that keep some “Ramban” (extraspecial n unique arrows) in store so that u can use them wen need arises and “saamne wala chit ho jaega” (defeat ur opposition)
    Grt work shivali!!

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