how to remove Dandruff with Omorfee Dandruff free Scalp Hair Oil

How to remove Dandruff with Omorfee Pure Scalp Hair Oil?

When it comes to your Dandruff free scalp, people have so many kinds of advice’s. Some will tell you to oil your hair & scalp while some will recommend a hair spa, Moroccan oil treatment, strengthening etc. So, how to remove Dandruff?

Nothing can beat the Anti-Dandruff Hair oil benefits. So we have got the Omorfee Dandruff free Scalp Hair Oil Review for Dandruff free hair & Healthy Scalp.

What people want from hair oil is the nourishment & a healthy scalp. We have so many hair-oil treatments that are latest in trend. For example Moroccan Argan Oil, Tea tree oil, Hibiscus oil, Jojoba oil treatments etc.

A conditioner might work wonders for you, but a Complete Hair Care & a Hair oil gives it certain minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids that don’t just strengthen your roots but also boost overall health of your hair & scalp.

Before starting with the review, we have to know about Dandruff & How Regular Oiling Hair is Super Beneficial? & How to remove Dandruff by it?

What is Dandruff? & How to remove Dandruff?

Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. As skin cells die, a small amount of flaking is normal. Some people, however, experience an unusually large amount of flaking which can also be accompanied by the scalp itchiness & irritation.

Dandruff can have several causes, including dry skin, not cleaning/scrubbing often enough, shampooing too often, sensitivity to some hair care products, or a yeast-like fungus.

Dry skin is the most common cause of flaking dandruff & that is the reason we need certain Hair oils to keep that dryness at bay.

How Regular Oiling Hair is Super Beneficial? & How to remove Dandruff by it?

Relaxes mind and body

Massaging scalp & hair with lukewarm oil helps rejuvenate the loss due to chemical treatments. It also relaxes the nerves in brain. It helps in opening of pores & better absorption of oil. It also facilitates blood circulation and thus soothes and relaxes you.

Prevents Hair dryness & Dandruff

Irritation on scalp can be the result of some harmful bacteria replacing normal one. These bacteria gives suitable environment for dandruff, dry flakes & can be the major cause of hair loss or hair fall.

Regular use of oiling will keep hairs nourished for longer. If you have extremely dry hair, you can just apply oil to your hair and then soak a towel in hot water, and wrap it around your head. This would make sure that oil penetrates well into the scalp.

Smoother & Shinier Hair

Who doesn’t want healthy & shining hair?

Hair shine when they are healthy. Hair Oiling increases the blood circulation in the scalp and thus, repairing of damaged hair. This will make your hair look & feel a lot more smoother & shinier.

Frizz-Free Hair

Using hair oil is a great way to control frizzy hair. On days when your hair seems all out of control and frizzy, rub some hair oil on your palms and run through the hair lightly. This will cause the frizz to settle immediately and also provide nourishment to the hair.

Prevents pre-mature Hair Graying

It is believed that regular usage of oil prevents pre-mature & graying of hair by providing nourishment. Not only that, regular usage of oil also keeps your hair stronger & healthier.

Protects Hair from pollution

Oiling your hair regularly can be useful as a protective layer for the hair, protecting it from environmental dirt, dust, pollution, ultra-violet rays of the sun & many such. Oiling strengthens roots and leading to healthy hair growth.

Omorfee Pure Scalp Hair Oil Review

An Exotic blend of oils of Basil, Tea Tree, Peppermint & Rosemary to give you a dandruff free hair and fight other scalp problems.

Product Description & Ingredients:

Dandruff flakes with itchy scalp is not just embarrassing but also a major concern for scalp health. It can lead to scalp irritation, infection and even hair loss. Lemon essential oil cleanses scalp and balances sebum production, which is very crucial for dandruff control.

Tea Tree oil with 98 potent molecules and Basil Oil shows immense effect on controlling dandruff by fighting the microbe responsible for dandruff.

Rosemary Oil has profound antimicrobial activity which prevents scalp infection and also promotes blood circulation. Peppermint oil soothes scalp and promotes vitality to scalp. Virgin Coconut Oil & Almond Oil helps further in checking dandruff and encourages healthy hair.

Omorfee Dandruff free Scalp Hair Oil
Omorfee Pure Scalp Hair Oil
Omorfee Dandruff free Scalp Hair Oil
Omorfee Pure Scalp Hair Oil

How to Use? How to remove Dandruff by it?

Take sufficient quantity of the oil and massage it onto scalp in firm circular manner. Follow with a hot towel around your head for about 30 minutes and wash it off with a gentle herbal cleanser. Repeat this procedure thrice a week for visible results.

Product Review:

I have really fine hair & I’ve been trying out this oil for a few days now. I would love to say that I love the fragrance it has. It’s the first ever Hair oil that has such an amazing scent I have ever come across too.

It has great & runny consistency, which I love. I don’t really prefer oils with thick consistency or texture. So it’s easy to apply it on the scalp. It doesn’t makes hair sticky after applying it, which is also a plus point for summers & humid weather conditions.

I like to apply the oil & keep it overnight because I am a lazy person. I don’t really oil my hair on regular basis. I am usually busy & forget often to oil my hair regularly. So, this oil being non-sticky is a great option for people like me, who are too busy or lazy 😛 to oil their hair regularly.

So, I leave this oil in my hair overnight & wash it off the next morning with shampoo that suits my hair following up with a good conditioner (only at the ends of my hair).

It has Lemon essential oil, Rosemary oil, Tea tree oil, Peppermint oil, Basil oil,Virgin Coconut Oil & Almond Oil in it. So, you can predict the Goodness inside this Hair oil now. I was so impressed by reading the label & ingredients that I could not resist a “champi” (Hair & scalp massage) with this hair oil.

I personally love this Hail oil as it does what it claims. It’s specifically meant for scalp care which is the basic foundation for healthier & stronger hair.


Rs. 999 for 150 ml Buy Here

Do I recommend the Omorfee Dandruff free Pure Scalp Hair Oil?

Yes! I highly recommend the Omorfee Pure Scalp Hair Oil for dandruff free & well hair nourishment. A must buy.

A few other tips for Healthier Hair & care

Comb wet hair with extreme care because they’re fragile and prone to breakage. Take a broad toothed comb and run it from the roots to the ends of your hair as gently as possible.

Trim your hair every few weeks to get rid of split ends & don’t tie your hair too tight to prevent the breakage.

Don’t wash your hair everyday & whenever you do, apply some conditioner on the ends. Try and use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re going for a dryer, straightener or curler, don’t forget to use a heat protecting spray or serum before.

Rinse the hair with cold water as it is good for both strength and shine.

 I hope the How to remove Dandruff with Omorfee Scalp Hair Oil? article has been helpful. Stay tuned for more! 🙂

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