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Having a healthy body has its benefits and is desired by everyone. One of the things of having a healthy body means having a slim and attractive waist. If you want your waist to be slim and attractive there are a lot of things that you can do. In the case of instant requirements, FeelinGirl is a great example where you can check out a variety of options. Enlisted are certain best ones:

Balanced diet

Dieting is another popular way to get the type of body you want. Dieting includes changing your eating habits depending on the results you want. Dieting is effective and you can also speed up the process by combining it with exercising. But, like exercising dieting has its drawback and it takes a little while to get the desired results.

Wearing Waist trainer

Waist trainers are well known by people for losing extra inches from your waist within seconds. There are different types of latex waist trainer that work in different ways, but the common thing is that you’ll get a slimmer looking waist just by wearing it. These are extremely helpful if you don’t have the time to go through a whole month of dieting and exercising.

Well, if you ask me, FeelinGirl Zipper Plus Size Waist Trainer Vest For Weight Loss With Double Velcro is a good option to go for. Check it for yourself here at FeelinGirl:

Another one that we recommend is FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Corset 7 Steel Bones Abdominal Belt High Compression. Here’s how it looks like:

Shapewear Shorts or tummy control shorts

Shapewear shorts or tummy control shorts are designed in a way to enhance your look by compressing your midsection that includes your tummy and waist. Like waist trainers, these shapewear and tummy control shorts are helpful if you don’t have much time and you want to lose extra inches off your waist.

Well, if you ask me, FeelinGirl Large Size High Waist Butt Enhancer Panty is a good option to go for. Check it for yourself here at FeelinGirl:

Another one that we recommend is the FeelinGirl X Panel Design High Waist Butt Enhancer Shaping Panty. Here’s how it looks like:


This is the best and most reliable way to get a healthy body and a slim waist. You can do different exercises to want the perfect body you want. The only drawback of exercising is it takes time to get a visible result through exercising.

Until then!

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