How to Improve Memory for a better Life?

How to Improve Memory for a better Life?

These days lack of positivism can lead to exhaustion, anxiety, stress, depression & memory loss too. It is important to know how to improve memory for a better Life. Let’s know how;

The Human Brain

The human brain is said to have more connections than there are stars in the sky. But, alas, we can only utilize 15% of our brain’s capacity during our entire lifetime. Aside from being incredibly complex, ever adaptive and ever-changing, our brain is also very fragile and it needs constant care in order to function properly.

An amazing fact about the brain is that there is no age limit for learning. Our brain encodes our experiences and learns new behavior and regains lost behavioral information in cases of brain damage. A very common problem in today’s time is the loss of memory. There are a few things which can be avoided in order to avoid this issue.

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Factors responsible for memory loss

1. Thyroid: Genetic problems like thyroids can be a reason for memory loss. High or low thyroid levels adversely affect memory and concentration.

2. Certain medications: Drugs like anxiety medications, antidepressants, narcotic painkillers, incontinence drugs, sleep aids, statin drugs, and antihistamines interfere with memory function by hindering our brain’s ability to transfer short-term memory to long-term storage.

3. Smoking: The blood supplied to the brain is impaired by smoking and thus, the accumulation of abnormal protein occurs in the brain, which interferes with processing and relaying information.

4. Lack of sleep: Neuroplasticity or the process of brain growth is adversely affected by the loss of sleep.

5. Emotional turmoil: Other than these external factors, there are a few factors responsible for memory loss. Factors like stress, depression, and anxiety play a vital role in memory loss.

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How to Improve Memory?

Mental exercise

Like strength, “use it or lose it” rule applies to our mental abilities as well. The more we challenge ourselves, the more pathways are developed in our brain and our brain becomes more active. Over time, more and more such links are formed which help us to solve familiar problems and perform familiar tasks with minimum mental effort.

Games and puzzles like Sudoku and crossword are available in our everyday newspapers and can provide good exercise. Mental exercise activities allow us to get out of our comfort zone and expand the limitations of our mind. They help us adapt to new thinking ways and thus advance the functioning of our minds.

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Positive attitude

Lack of positivism can lead to a lot of difficulties like exhaustion, anxiety, stress, and depression. These are specifically the mental causes of memory loss and are very difficult to get rid of. The cure for such problems starts with conversational interaction with other people.   

Openly conveying our thoughts and opinions helps in releasing anxiety. Interacting with people also reduces the feeling of loneliness which is the root cause of depression. Making conversations gives us new information which puts more loads to the remembering capacity of the brain, thus causing a mental exercise.

Physical fitness causes the outlook of our bodies and health to improve so any form of exercise is immensely important.

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Physical fitness

 It is said that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. If our body is not healthy, it will harbor various kinds of impairments and it will be very difficult to keep up our mental health.

Exercise helps the release of various toxins from our body in the form of sweat, which makes our skin healthy and thoroughly regulates our nervous system. A healthy body also helps in maintaining a positive attitude toward life which contributes to mental fitness. All the hormones in our body are also regulated and kept in balance by physical activities.

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Yoga and meditation

As stated numerous times by old Indian manuscripts, yoga is immensely beneficial for the overall health of a human being. Yoga not only improves our respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system but also increases our lifespan.

Meditation and Pranayama help our mind relax. These, along with a few more yoga asana contribute to strengthening our memory and concentration power. Positive thinking is also established as our outlook on life changes with yoga.

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The food we eat also affects the capacity of our mind. Fruits like avocados and blueberries contribute in increasing the memory capacity of our brain. Vegetables like beet, broccoli and celery and other food items like coconut oil and dark chocolate can also be held credible for good memory. 


Finding a hobby or any other interesting pastime enables us to get out of the constraints of boredom. Hobbies, like reading books, solving puzzles and learning music, is a form of brain exercise as it involves challenges like remembering and predicting.

Hobbies like learning music or collection of various items require us to remember plenty of things, which is a very beneficial aspect of improving our memory.

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  1. I have hypothyroidism and I agree that it leads to memory loss! I will definitely practice the ways you mentioned to increase memory!

  2. This was a much need post in my life. I keep forgetting things. Now I know what’s wrong and how can I get better and strong memory.

  3. Very informative post I have thyroid and since it was detected have also noticed my concentration has decreased in things. Will try the tips suggested here.

  4. that this article.offers . Memory loss was a problem in past , but after some precautions and Dicipline now it is ok

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