Declutter Your Life & Work

5 Smart Hacks to Declutter Your Life & Work


The unwanted, uninvited clutter or chaos could be the reason for your stress in work, life and hence, your productivity. As they say, “Your work is your life.” You spend most of the hours of your day working. So, how to Declutter Your Life & Work?

How to Reduce Clutter in Your Life & Work?

You are so busy being busy that you usually forget that the way you need to delete the unwanted or rather I say useless files from your computer or phone. You have to delete and declutter a few things from your work, from your mind and especially from your life which is no longer serving you.

They might have been quite useful at some point in time, but they are no longer serving you the same way at the very moment you are in now. You need to declutter because it could be the reason for your distraction, it could be weighing you down and much more.

You might be feeling lost, confused, stressed or unorganized because there comes a time just like your phone’s memory, your own life is so cluttered that it couldn’t take any chaos anymore. The best way to tackle the decluttering of your work and your life is to take one thing at a time.

Here are the 5 Smart ways to do it:

Make a list of things to be done first and so on. It’s always a good idea to choose the difficult part at first. It boosts up your confidence as you proceed further. Note down what needs to be done first. Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling, here’s how to keep going:

1. Declutter Your Work Space

There are a lot of things i.e. files/documents/old furniture or stuff like that which is serving no purpose and are just becoming piles of confusion between the stuff you really need. You need to ask yourself: Do you really need that stuff? Do you still use it? If No, then go ahead and get rid of it, and simplify your life a little. Label things & ensure you designate a spot for every item you decided to keep and make sure that it stays there.

2. Declutter Your Room/Home

As I said earlier there are so many things that occupy a lot of valuable space in your life and in your home. If you don’t need that stuff go ahead and sell it (and make some money out of it ) or recycle/dispose of it.

3. Declutter your Life/Commitments

Just the way you declutter your work space or desk or your home, it’s important to do the same with our Life/Relationships/Commitments too. As we grow up and then move ahead in life, from college to careers and so on, there are people who are neither serving the purpose nor adding value they used too.

You hardly talk to them or engage with them. You have a few friends that stay forever, and then there are people whom you hardly remember. Reduce your commitments & identify a few that you truly love, and get rid of the rest. If you eliminate the things that don’t bring you joy or value, you’ll have more time for the things that you love.

4. Declutter your Digital Life

Just like your physical life, Declutter your digital life too. Email newsletters subscriptions, social media handles, online reading and YouTube videos, forums, etc. Ask yourself how can you save your time & reduce them? Are they essential? If not, go ahead and get rid of useless stuff, and make time for things you actually want to do.

5. Don’t forget your health

While you take care of the above, don’t forget your health. Do take out time for regular health checkups and visit a doctor. To keep doing the above takes a lot of energy & strength and to maintain a good health you need to know how your body’s interior system is working. Do you need to take food supplements? Do you consume enough nutrition? Are you just fit or healthy or both?


The more you take care of your Mind & Body, the Happier and Sorted Soul you are. By investing a little of your time to getting rid of that clutter in your life and work, you’ll extract the rewards of reduced stress and a more organized and productive life.

I hope the “5 Smart Hacks to Declutter Your Life & Work” have been helpful.

Which hack to “Declutter Your Life & Work” did you like the Most?

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42 thoughts on “5 Smart Hacks to Declutter Your Life & Work

  1. Yes, Declutter is good for life. Not only it helps you keep things at a place or clear the space. But. It brings positivity as well.

  2. A very simple and effective way to stay happy. decluttering really helps to keep our lives sorted be it day to day things or bigger commitments. Very useful post.

  3. Decluttering my workspace and home really makes me thing what is important and focus on it. And it is nice to have things sorted out 🙂

  4. Decluttering is one of the best ways if removing negative energy from your homes. Loved how you included digital life too. It’s so very important these days

  5. I agree these small declutters are essential for making life easier. These amazing tips are wonderful and useful too. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Declutter bahut hi jaruri hain, chahey wo ghar ho ya office, lifestyle ho ya mind me bhari baatey , sab waste na kaam me aaney wali baato aur chizo ko nikal kar hi life njoy hogi
    Thanks for useful post must needed for all

  7. Now after reading your post I feel that I should declutter all those make-up and expenses for a better manageable life.

  8. The post is really helpful .. Deculter is very necessary to maintain a good lifestyle… It will help you to be organized every time… Loved reading this…

  9. The post is really helpful .. Declutter is very necessary to maintain a good lifestyle… It will help you to be organized every time… Loved reading this…

  10. It’s about time someone spoke about this topic. It’s very very important to de clutter to live happily. I loved Declutter your digital life as that’s the one which has caused the major harm in life.

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