How to Deal with Stress

6 Smart Tips for a Stress free Freelance Life

In Freelance working, the tough times & tough situations can leave you stressed and exhausted. So, it’s important to manage and reduce stress to stay on your track and to reach your goal. So, how to deal with stress?

Here are 6 Smart Tips on How to Deal with Stress as a Freelancer-

How to Deal with Stress as A Freelancer?

1. Having a Morning Routine

When you work from home, adopting a healthy morning routine is the key for you to have a balanced routine throughout the day. Get up early, have a shower, get dressed, shave/put on makeup and relax and have breakfast.

Start working so you have a lot of time throughout the day to plan other stuff too and not just work.

2. Getting your Work Environment Correct

Getting your work environment right might work for you as it works for many artists or freelancers out there. So, make sure your work studio space is inviting and comfortable. Hence, you have to ensure there’s lots of natural light, a window to look out of and that your desk is clean and organized.

3. Go Out

Don’t just stick to your home or desk. Go out and socialize or maybe on a vacation nearby. It will help you free your mind from stress, and hence, can inspire you and fill your mind with new ideas you can work upon.

4. Know When to Pause

Just because everyone else is working 9-5 without stopping, doesn’t mean you have to work like that. If you’re having an unproductive or bad day, just take some time or the rest of the day off.

You can’t be creative having a work burden. Being in pressure and working is one thing and having a burden and working is another. Know the difference.

5. Make time for Exercise

As we all know that Exercise helps reduce stress. You can join a gym if you can afford to or do some cardio at home or by getting out in a park. Do at least half an hour’s exercise every day.

It will keep your stress levels down & will keep you fit too.

6. Eat & sleep well

Look after yourself & adopt a healthy lifestyle & diet, and ensure you sleep well every night. Eat well, drink lots of water and try to leave the booze to the weekends.

I hope the “6 Smart Tips for a Stress-free Freelance Life” have been helpful.

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38 thoughts on “6 Smart Tips for a Stress free Freelance Life

  1. Right from the beginning, I’m saying the same to you…u r an organised person…. I always love the way u have kept your work space clean …

  2. quite informative .. at time we forget to take care of minute things i life and regret later… a good read

  3. I sooo needed to read this. Im totally guilty of being so engrossed in work, and then kids and home chores that i skip my daily routine habits. Thank you, loved reading this.

  4. Nice post and wonderful 6 tips. It’s good to make a schedule for your routine and be Organised. Great to read your advice. Thanks for sharing

  5. Staying organised is something I like to do. I like to follow a routine so that everything falls in its place eventually. Great post.

  6. I have been planning off late to opt for freelancing as I am also tired of full-time work. Stress as a freelancer was my major concern. I chanced upon this write up at the right time it seems. Very well written.

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