Health Tips for Men - Sexual Wellness in India

Health Tips for Men – Sexual Wellness in India

As it is commonly known, health is our truest wealth. In order to lead a happy life, it’s absolutely essential that you take good care of your health. Unless you are healthy, you cannot savor the pleasures which life has to offer to you.

Now, more often than not, you refer to your overall health whenever you are concerning yourself with staying healthy. In doing so, you tend to overlook the need to invest a specific focus on maintaining your sexual health. This is particularly true among the Indian men.

Well, provided the bizarre state of sex education in India, I’m not saying you are to be blamed for that. However, now that we are in the age of the internet, you’d do good to educate yourself about sex.

To cater to this necessity, here are some health tips for men, which would help you in staying sexually healthy.

Safe Sex – Sexual Health Care Tips

Have Safe Sex. Period.Out of the many sexual health tips for men, this is probably the most crucial. To emphasize, I could say that, in your life having sex should be equal to having safe sex. To put it otherwise, don’t have sex if you aren’t having safe sex.

In broadly speaking about safe sex, we could talk about two things – preventing unwanted pregnancy and preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases. In the case of the former, there are plenty of available options, some of which are effective and some aren’t.

However, for the time being, let’s not discuss those in detail. Instead, let us focus on the prevention of diseases and infections, for which, condoms are the most effective. Abstinence is the most effective way of protecting yourself from STDs. Yet, in that case, you’d be missing out on a lot of life’s pleasures.

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So, in case you choose to be sexually active, you must and must have the habit of using condoms. However, given the taboos regarding sex in Indian society, it may be difficult to purchase condoms from local stores. That being said, it should not mean that you do away with using condoms.

Rather, to save you all the trouble and embarrassment, you can purchase condoms online from Condom Bazaar. Starting from the Valentine’s Day of 2011, the company initially sold condoms on eBay. Catering to their growing popularity, they launched their website on 31st of October that year.

Since then, the company has been ceaselessly promoting safe sex by selling all available varieties and brands of condoms. As of now, they have ensured safe sex for more than 10 million Indians.

Rather, to save you all the trouble and embarrassment, you can Purchase condoms online from Condom Bazaar. Starting from the Valentine’s Day of 2011, the company initially sold condoms on eBay. Catering to their growing popularity, they launched their website on 31st of October that year.

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So, by now, I hope that you have realized the need to have safe sex. Now, we can move on to some other sexual health tips for men, which ensure your sexual wellness.

Sexual Health Tips for Men

Apart from preventing diseases, another important aspect of sexual wellness is optimum sexual satisfaction. In order to achieve that, you need to keep certain habits and let go of some others.

These habits help you increase your longevity during sexual intercourse and ensure optimum pleasure for both you and your partner.

1. Active Lifestyle

In men, erection is caused by the flow of blood into the penis. Consequently, in order to ensure proper and adequate erection, you must take care of your blood pressure levels. In this context, it is necessary that you maintain an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.

2. Healthy Diet

In terms of diet, you should intake a lot of fruits and vegetables like onion, garlic, banana, chili, and pepper. Also, eat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, avocado) and Vitamin B-1 (pork, peanuts).

Along with these, eat plenty of eggs. All these improve blood circulation and enhance your sexual health.

3. Stress Relief

Stress is detrimental to your sexual health. So, you must find effective ways to reduce stress in your life. Now, when it comes to that, there aren’t any general rules. Yet, regular exercise and adequate communication can be a good way to deal with it.

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4. Abstinence from Excessive Drinking and Smoking

Although small amounts of alcohols improve blood circulation, too much of it has the opposite effect. Smoking, on the other hand, contracts your blood vessels and also harms your nervous system.

5. Controlled Masturbation

Contrary to many myths, masturbation can indeed help to improve your sexual health. Yet, this works if and only if you are not overdoing it. In a way, sexual intercourse is itself a habit and masturbation helps your body prepare for that.

6. Adequate Foreplay

Last, but not least, it’s essential that you don’t rush into intercourse. Proper foreplay is essential for sexual health. For this, you may again rely upon Condom Bazaar for high-grade lubricants, vibrating rings, foreplay games, and sexy lingerie.

Stay tuned for more healthy lifestyle tips as well as daily health tips for men and women, and subscribe to my blog for all the future uploads.

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  1. Yes, a man can enhance his partner’s pleasure during sex. Making simple amendments in the lifestyle will reduce anxiety, improve erectile dysfunction, improve the parallel with the sexual partner, and increase overall stamina. The man has to develop an environment of passion and excitement to thrive sexual pleasure. Anxiety can make it tough to maintain an erection. Better you keep your focus on physical performance than sexual sensation so that you can improve your sexual function.

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