8 Must-Have Features to Make the PHP Laravel Framework Most Preferrable

8 Must-Have Features to Make the PHP Laravel Framework Most Preferrable

Standing as the most demandable web development language, PHP is considered as the backbone of around 80 percent websites. It has been considered the ideal choice to create brilliantly functional websites because of the simple syntax and a combination of frameworks to reduce the development time. And in the PHP framework, it is the Laravel that has been making a mark across the globe without a doubt. 

The concern in all about assisting the developers in conducting development tasks without the repetition of similar functions. This calls for a need to hire Laravel developer, who should be an expert in handling extensive coding. Considering the usage of Laravel app development services, they are considered ideal for creating small and medium-sized apps.

Of course, it should be noted that the issues related to programming can be handled well without much difficulty. When it comes to the matter of Laravel App development, the developers make sure that every change made to the app development is conducted smoothly. Let’s check out the features that add value to the worth of the PHP Laravel framework.

1. Template Marvel

The best thing about a PHP framework used by a Laravel Developer is that its inbuilt lightweight templates enable them to create a smart layout with the help of dynamic content seeding. Of course, the presence of multiple widgets integrating CSS and JS Code empowers a developer to create innovative layouts. Moreover, these creative layouts lend a smart appeal to the application’s background. 

2. Artisan

Considered as the heart of the Laravel Framework, Artisan’s job is to ensure that a lesser amount of code repetition occurs at the time of app development. This aims at resolving the issue of constant changes required to be made in the development. The purpose of using Artisan in the process of Laravel Development is to make sure that tedious tasks are completed inevitably. 

3. Libraries and Modular

The PHP Laravel Framework is idealized as the ultimate solution to simplified app development. Its pre-installed libraries are directed towards checking active users, password resetting, encryption Bcrypt hashing and even protecting Cross-site Request Forgery. This ensures the safety of the data present in the application. 

On the other hand, its individual modular is advanced enough to ensure the development of responsive and handy web applications. 

4. Multiple File System

The multiple file system native support of the Laravel Framework eases the task of importing files from a place clustered with different files. It can be run on a machine without the need for additional software requests. Such a feature will save a lot of time spent on transferring files from one folder to another. This feature was included because different files in a project tend to need different modules for the functional process. 

5. Powerful ORM:

The Eloquent ORM in the Laravel framework used by the Laravel App development company enables developers to access, revise, and generate, databases with the assistance of PHP. Besides this, linking, integrating and managing the database can be done easily with ORM. Certainly, the database is exceptionally important and ORM makes it easily manageable. 

6. MVC Support

This Laravel framework feature is created for the clarity of presentation and logic applied. The more clearly content is presented; the more viewers will be checking the application. It adds to the performance of Laravel Developer, permits better documentation work, and comes with multiple in-built functions. Moreover, with the help of MVC support, modular designs can be handled and controlled from any place at the time of working in an integrated environment. 

7. Unit Testing

The Laravel framework allows developers to make unit tests for their code, which results in the well-integrated ultimate application. It is because a cluster of coding creates issues in developing applications smoothly. All a Laravel development company has to do is take care of writing units of code. Indeed, Laravel is intended to offer wide support for integrating such units as an absolute application. 

8. Security

Right from its inception to the newest version, the Laravel framework has been bedecked with smart security features. One of the prominent security features is Bcrypt Hashing that adds layers of encryption on password. Moreover, this makes it practically impossible for any person to hack an application or cracks the password. Other than that, with so many cyber-crimes taking place, this feature is an added advantage for sure. 

Final Words

With so many brilliant features loaded in Laravel Framework, it stands as the best to develop applications. Though, the features in this framework are quite similar to PHP Framework; still, the integration of all the features in Laravel puts Laravel PHP Framework above the others in terms of quality. Certainly speaking, PHP has been an important part of web development. 

And the improvement of Laravel in the development framework has added to the overall performance of the developers. It is all about lending an effective functioning process to applications through advanced PHP Laravel framework. Other than that, this framework is incessantly becoming famous among developers and corporates for its exclusive, typical architecture enabling developers to create their own intended only for their application. 

Moreover, Laravel is a complete package for creating a modular application in the minimum possible design with the highest level of integrity. In this technology-oriented world, the Laravel framework as a part of PHP development is meant to add value to the overall application. Of course, one has to hire Laravel developer with an extensive amount of experience for creating smart apps. After all, it is all about accessing a wide network of users through useful apps. 

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