5 Steps to Start with an Exercise Routine for beginners

5 Steps to Start with an Exercise Routine

Starting with an exercise routine especially in your younger years is a great investment. Fitness is crucial especially in today’s world because of the unhealthy eating habits. So many professions already have it mandatory for everyone nowadays. So, you too can start an Exercise Routine in only five steps:


To start with an exercise routine, I highly suggest you consult a doctor first to get a physical medical examination so that they can detect any health problem and conditions that can put him at risk of any injury while you start with your new exercise routine.


To start with any exercise routine you have to create a plan which includes attainable goals and steps. Then you can start it with easy steps to follow and then you can follow challenging exercises as your stamina and core fitness level improves. For instance, if your goal is to cover 5 kilometers run, then you can start it by building a plan that involves shorter runs at first and increases the distance as you progress.

Furthermore, starting with these small runs, you will not only increase the chances of success, also you will stay motivated by every step you are going to take.


The basic key point for the beginners is to make the exercise routine a new habit. It’s often said that if you keep doing something for 3 weeks and it’s going to get converted into a new habit. Also, if you keep doing the same for 90 days and it’s going to be a lifestyle change for you.

So, stick to your new habit, as it becomes easier for you if you keep an exercise routine for a long period. Moreover, making a schedule or exercising at a particular time every day is quite good to sustain your routine.


To start with an exercise routine you don’t have to be a high-performance athlete. You can start exercising at any point in your life. The most important thing is to start slowly and increase the intensity as your fitness level build up.

Even though physical activity is good for health, however, allowing the body to rest is important as well. Because when a person does not let the body recover from the exercise increases the chances of injury like muscle strains further resulting in overtraining syndrome.

Apart from this, too much exercise can also weaken the immune system as well as increase the chances of infection.


Staying hydrated is something you need to get strict with if you haven’t been yet. Drinking fluids throughout the day especially while exercising are essential. Hydrating after and in-between the workouts can help in recovering along with getting ready for the next session of training.

Furthermore, it is also necessary to consume a balanced diet so that the body can support the fitness program. You will have to check your BMR (which I will be covering in detail in the upcoming articles) and create a diet chart as per your metabolic rate if you wish to lose weight and stay fit.

Moreover, body warms up before any workout and stretching after any workout routine is also important because these can help in preventing the injuries and it can also help in improving the athletic performance.

So, I hope this article “5 Steps to Start with an Exercise Routine for Beginners” has been helpful. Please keep yourself updated and if you have any questions regarding fitness and weight loss, then please let me know in the comments.

Until then, stay fit and stay healthy 🙂

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