Ombre & Blonde wigs for Gorgeous & Lengthy Hair

Ombre & Blonde wigs for Gorgeous & Lengthy Hair

An Ombre wig or Blonde wig can instantly change one’s personality & appearance when it comes to hair styling, hair-coloring or hair length. Also, people who wear wigs for the first time worry that their wig will look unnatural, but it’s the case if they wear it wrong. Before you put on your wig, you need to

An ideal Gymnastics Air Mat you are looking for

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Are you’re in search of a good quality & an ideal gymnastics mat like the air mat or air track mat for personal use or a gymnasium? Then please keep on reading the post. Whether you’re the trainer or you practice gymnastics, in both competition and practice, the use of highest quality air mats is mandatory.

Home Decor: Canvas Painting | Wall Art

Are you planning to give your home or I rather say walls a makeover? Although there are so many ways to decorate or finish walls like the wallpapers and cladding etc., nothing could be better than incorporating a few art pieces in the form of canvas prints to canvas pictures, frames or Canvas painting. Do

Best Bridal Outfits of 2018

Best Bridal Outfits of 2018

Marriage is one of the main and one of the hardest stages in our life. Everything should be planned, outfits selected, tickets for honeymoon trip booked, etc. But what bridal outfit to choose and what are the modern tendencies nowadays? Don’t worry, we have for you the Best Bridal Outfits of 2018. You might like to

The Most Famous Wedding Dresses

The Most Famous Wedding Dresses

The start of the new wedding season isn’t far off: photographers are already preparing the cameras, institutions are opening banquet halls, and brides are going round all the city’s salons in search of the “very” dress. Some are guided by their own ideas, others are inspired by the example of famous people. Hence, we decided

The Best Wedding Designers of the World

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Royal persons, famous icons of style, and also legendary actresses and singers get married in wedding dresses from their collections. Greet the top 10 most famous wedding designers in the world. You might like: Rheson | Sonam kapoor & Rhea kapoor’s Fashion Brand Vera Wang Vera Ellen Wang is the most famous and respected designer of

5 Types of Indian Jewelry to Wear with Western Dresses

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Well, the best thing we saw in 2017 is the fusion of both the worlds which caused a sensation in the fashion industry and become the hottest trend of the season. Gone are the days when merging Indian Jewelry & fashion with western trend was next to impossible. It’s time when the best of both

Adding a Premium Touch To My Workspace | FABBITY


Hey, Everyone! I hope you guys have been doing well! So, if you are following me on Instagram you must have seen me talking about my new work space in my Instagram stories and must have seen the posts with FABBITY Office/Workspace Set in Leather that I recently received as a part of collaboration. Before

Review: BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo – BEACH PLEASE

Review: BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo- BEACH PLEASE

You guys might know that BBlunt has launched 2 new variants of Back To Life Dry Shampoo a few weeks back and they are: Beach Please (added texture) and Spring Fling (added volume). So, today I am going to review the “BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo – BEACH PLEASE.” Review: BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo –

4 Trendy Women Cardigan’s Under 1500 | SHEIN

4 Trendy Women Cardigan's Under 1500 | SHEIN

Hey, Everyone! Winter season is finally here and it’s important to add those trendy Cardigans to your wardrobe. I am from Punjab and it gets really cold here during these months of the year. So, today I am going to talk about “4 Trendy Women Cardigan’s Under 1500” by SHEIN. Note: Before I start with