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Cardio VS Strength Training. Which is Better & How?

“Cardio vs Strength training, Which is Better & How?” is something every fitness freak knows about, but someone who is just starting with his/her fitness routine doesn’t really have much idea about the same. Do you agree? Whether it’s Cardio or Strength Training, both have their own benefits. It mostly depends on a person’s choice and need of whether he or she to strengthen their body’s circulatory system or build skeletal muscles.

If one wants to lose weight then cardio is a way better or I rather say quicker whereas if a person wants to strengthen his/her body, tone muscles, and make a difference then he/she should go for strength training.

Cardio undeniably burns more calories as compared to weight or resistance training, and this is the reason why people who prefer aerobic exercises lose more weight in less time in the comparison of strength trainers.


A few years ago Duke University has done a research on the above two. After the training of 8 months, the cardio group shed more pounds of fat whereas the weightlifters did not even lose a single pound despite the fact they spend more time each week than the group of people who did cardio only.


If the goal of a person is to look, move and feel like an athlete than the person needs strength training exercise routine. Strength training which is also called resistance or weight training can help in losing body fat and it is more likely a quicker way to better Fitness.

One can start with the use of dumbbell workouts from home as well keeping in mind the correct body form while performing the exercises.

It would not bind the person’s athleticism except it will improve it. Women can derive marvelous benefit from this training without getting bulky.

Yes, weight training doesn’t mean that women are going to get bulkier by lifting weights. There are several other reasons for getting bulkier and I am going to discuss that in my upcoming article soon.


Although strength training does not normally burn as many as calories as cardio training, however, it has other major benefits. First and foremost, strength training is more effective in building muscles.

Muscles burn more calories than any other tissues including fat. Because of this, it is commonly said that building muscle is the key to increase metabolism.

Moreover, only running is not always the best way to stay fit because it puts a fair amount of stress on the muscles as well as on joints. That is the reason one should take time to develop the muscles of core and hips instead of just running miles.


Strength training can be very helpful in increasing the muscle mass and bone density along with structure. It can also benefit the balance, coordination, and posture of the body. Other than that, strength training boosts the energy level of people and improves their mood.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join an aerobics class or get a gym membership with a good trainer, and start your fitness journey. Also, you can do both for the maximum benefits.

All you need to do at first is to start with something which could be cardio or strength workouts, and gradually build your stamina and core strength, and then see what works for your body the best. It’s all about doing.

I hope this article “Cardio vs Strength Training. Which is Better & How?” has been helpful. Please keep yourself updated and subscribe for all the updates.

Until then, stay fit and stay happy!

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