Book Review: Work, Workers & Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma

Book Review: Work, Workers & Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma

Hi! I hope you are doing great. So, I just finished reading this book called “Work, Workers & Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma” that I received a few days back and it took me just 2 sittings to finish it. So let’s begin with a few details about the book:

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Author: Parthajeet Sarma

Format: Paperback

Publisher: (24 May 2018)

Print Length: 110 pages

Language: English

BOOK BLURB: Work, Workers & Workplaces

Humans are wired to follow the path of least resistance. If one doesn’t have to do something, he or she will not do it. Technology has enabled humans to work from coffee shops and from home, reducing the need to go to work. The very meaning of work has changed for modern-day workers where the workplace is no more a physical space.

The new workplace is a blended space of the physical and the digital. The subconscious mind is like cruise control for humans and shapes behavior. The environment that one is in conditions of the mind. At work, the workplace environment conditions quality of thinking. For organizations in a collaboration economy today, productivity depends on the quality of thinking, and not so much on efficiency.

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The blended workplace is the starting point of innovation for organizations that believe in innovation. Parthajeet Sarma delves into psychology, human evolution and science to draw connections with greatly changed expectations from work. In his third book, Parthajeet espouses the need for management to get out of codified theories.

This facilitates a macro view, leading to a radically new meaning of work, workers, and workplaces that are aligned with the organization’s vision for the future. For more resources, visit:

BOOK REVIEW: Work, Workers & Workplaces

As mentioned on the book cover “Work, Workers & Workplaces” by Parthajeet Sarma is undoubtedly a

“Though provoking approach to facing challenges, that many organizations may not even realize exist. A blueprint for the future.”

I agree with this completely. The cover of the book is designed in a way that it completely reflects the content it has got. I found it relatable and up to the mark. In this book, the author talks about the radically changing nature of the Work, Workers & Workplaces. He talks about the welcoming openness of workstations. In this era of digitalization and technology-oriented spaces, where one could operate from anywhere like his/her home, a cafeteria etc.

On the other side, if not used in a balanced or ideal way keeping in mind the different type of people and organizations, the technology could act as a roadblock to ideation and freedom (which is explained in the book really well by giving examples). In this book, the author also talks about the changing nature of work, working tools, and other skills.

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In the 2nd part, the author talks about the power of place, space and innovation, and how productivity is largely fueled by creativity by allowing workers to have that kinda environment. He talks about the evolution of the modern day workplaces and culture. And then in the 3rd part, he talks about space as a starting point of innovation & the evolution of design thinking. He talks about how closer home, at the workplace, building spaces, which allows a variety of experiences to be played out regularly, is a good practice.

So, for me, it has been a really nice and light read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and being an entrepreneur I have learned a lot of things from it. I highly suggest this book to each one of you.

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Yes! I highly recommend this book to all of you, especially the corporate people. Please buy a copy and share it with other people too.

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Parthajeet Sarma is a Chevening scholar(University of Oxford), award-winning innovator and entrepreneur. With over two decades of professional experience in design and management, he has been running a strategic consulting practice called iDream since 2003.

He is a winner of The Economic Times ‘Power of Ideas’ 2012, Sankalp awards for social innovation and others. He has been featured across various electronic and print media including CNBC TV-18’s ‘Young Turks’.

So, I hope the book reviews or the book recommendations on the blog are helpful for you guys. Also, I shall be sharing more. So, stay tuned for that!

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