wake up life is calling book review

Book Review: Wake up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy

Book Title: Wake up, Life is Calling

Author: Preeti Shenoy

Format/Language: Paperback/English

Publisher: Srishti Publishers & Distributors; First edition (17 April 2019)

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Book Blurb: Wake up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy

What if your mind is your greatest enemy?

What if you were living your worst nightmare?

How would you cope?

Ankita has fought a mental disorder, been through hell, and survived two suicide attempts. Now in Mumbai, surrounded by her loving and supportive parents, everything seems idyllic. She is not on medication. She is in a college she loves, studying her dream subject: Creative Writing. At last leading a ‘normal life’, she immerses herself in every bit of it.

Underneath the surface, however, there is trouble brewing. A book she discovers in her college library draws her in, consumes her and sends her into terrifying darkness that twists and tears her apart. To make matters worse, a past boyfriend resurfaces, throwing her into further turmoil.

Can she escape her thoughts? Will Ankita survive the ordeal a second time around? What does life have in store for her?

Book Review: Wake up, Life is Calling by Preeti Shenoy

Plot: This book is a sequel to Preeti Shenoy’s previous book, Life is What you make it. The previous book ends with Ankita, protagonist coming out of a mental hospital, having fought a mental disorder and two suicide attempts. The sequel Wake up, Life is Calling starts from there. Ankita has finally started to live what you might call a ‘normal life’. She is in a college she loves, studying her dream course, creative writing.

But, alas! Good times do swing by swiftly and easily. A book in her college library draws her in and sends to the dark corner she fought so much to escape. Her past lover enters her life again which further wreaks havoc in her mind. Will Ankita be able to fight her mind the second time? Will she win the second round?

Review: The writing style of the book is appreciated. Author Preeti Shenoy does not disappoint. The new characters add a fresh aura to the story, the return of the charming old characters revive nostalgia and character arcs in the novel are good.

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The plot picks where its predecessor left it. It’s not a cliff-hanger, but a sweet and generous continuation of the extremely relatable, ever charming in her own way, Ankita.  This book is about round two of the battle with her own mind. She graciously won round one in Life is what you make it.

Ankita is an extremely likable and relatable character, her fight with all odds leads to her success in a time when people didn’t want to see a woman succeed in the fight she succeeded. I really loved how the author managed to keep me engrossed in the book. I kept turning pages and kept in reading until it was over. Made me even shed a tear towards the end.

It’s a soothing experience. It may make you question your mind’s power over your body, but will also give you strength through optimism positivity. I loved reading it. I hope you do too.



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