The Spirit of Want by Author William H Coles

Book Review: The Spirit of Want by Author William H Coles

I read ‘The Spirit of Want by Author William H Coles‘ in kindle version as soon as read the blurb as I was really impressed by the plot. So, here are my thoughts on the book:

Author: William H Coles

Paperback: 304 pages

Publisher: (22 September 2016)

Language: English

BOOK BLURB: The Spirit of Want 

Lucy MacMiel is a successful trial lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, married, who falls in love with a client accused of sexual assault on a girl. He is a famous and powerful faith-healing evangelist whose charm, dominance and virility captivate her.

Her lust pulls her away from family and career and she follows her lover to Africa where she discovers secrets that force her to leave him and try to regain her life in the US.

But her recovery of career, family, and friends are fraught with rejection when she cannot suppress her desire for the evangelist, the only man she’ll ever love, and she must again face decisions she knows in her heart if wrongly chosen may bring disastrous results.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Spirit of Want 

I finished reading this book in around 4 hours in one go as soon as I read the blurb. Before, getting into the interesting plot of the book, I must appreciate the Book cover design which is to the point and relate to the story perfectly. The story is so interesting and  engaging that it kept me turning pages. Hence, I didn’t get confused or bored for once. I was gripped by the suspense in it and also because it’s fast-paced.

Lucy the main character of ‘The Spirit of Want’ is a beautiful woman in her thirties and a defense lawyer by profession. She loved her work. The story becomes interesting when she comes in contact with Hower Bain, an evangelist, and her client. He is accused of sexually molesting a child. She falls in love with him and the story takes the turn after this.

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She starts to lose everything one by one. She fights and loses the case as he is found guilty. After all this, an appeal is made by them and it’s when the guy flew Africa and Lucy goes after him leaving everything and her family behind. As the story goes on, she is shocked to find those dreadful truths about the man and she is completely shaken by what happens next.

The suspense of the story remain throughout to the end of the book and this has been the part of the book for me personally. The language is easy to understand and the book is narrated well by the author. Also, it has been my first book by the author and now after reading ‘The Spirit of Want’, I would love to read more by him. I didn’t find anything negative about the book. So, overall it has been a great book for me and I highly recommend it to readers who love to read Suspense and Thriller Novels.


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