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Book Review: The Diary on the Fifth Floor by Raisha Lalwani

Hi! I hope you are doing great. So, I just finished reading this book called The Diary on the Fifth Floor by Raisha Lalwani that I received a few days back. I got a review copy from the author. So let’s begin with a few details about the book:

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Author: Raisha Lalwani

Format: Ebook

Publisher: Rupa Publications India (21 October 2018)

Print Length: 184 pages

Language: English

BOOK BLURB: The Diary on the Fifth Floor

A woman leaves her infant at home but finds her on a busy street in an unexpected turn of events. Another woman wakes up in a flight hours later, befuddled, in the strangest circumstance.

A fascinating tale of a twenty-five-year-old woman that takes hold of us from the moment she enters the fifth floor of a hospital; more precisely, the psychiatric ward. Visibly terrified, she clutches at her clothbound diary, caught in the horns of a terrible dilemma—whether or not to hand over the diary to the doctor.

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She fears that she will be declared insane if her tangled web of thoughts unspooling in dark mysterious stories is read by the dissecting eye of a doctor.

What does this diary contain? As the novel progresses, we are drawn into characters and stories that are toe-curling, strange, and haunting in their raw intensity. What is the story of this woman? What secrets lie in the pages of her diary? And most importantly, what happens on the fifth floor?

BOOK REVIEW: The Diary on the Fifth Floor

I got this review copy from the author as this book is not yet released. It’s available online for the pre-order though. (You can click the link below to order one.)

So, I completed reading The Diary on the Fifth Floor in 2 sittings and I must say that it’s fast-paced and beautifully narrated. In the very beginning of the book, I read the line “The choices we make define the kind of people we then become” which I found so relatable and I kept turning pages after pages.

The Diary on the Fifth Floor is a story of Savannah Khanna, a 25-year-old girl who aspires to be a writer and writes a book on the subjects of incidents happening all around in society, something we all witness every single day, but ignore most of the times and don’t really give a lot of importance to and many other such issues of today’s world.

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She is deeply moved by the stories of people around her and gets disturbed inside out. She ends up getting an appointment with the psychiatrist where the secret of her diary is revealed.

Overall, it has been a really eye-opening book for me. I prefer reading such pieces and I am really glad that I picked up this book to read. I can’t wait for it to come out so I can buy a paperback copy for myself. The cover of the book is perfect and completely relatable with a girl standing near the window holding a blue diary in her hands.

This has been the first book I have read by her and I really loved her writing style. The language is perfect and easy. I would love to read more by the Author in the future. Also, I highly recommend this book to every single person because this is about something that has to be shared with other people too. As said by the author,

“People need to know their words hurt. They need to know their actions have consequences.
It’s hard to begin when you are not sure, When and how it all began.”

Get a copy here:




Yes! I highly recommend this book to all of you. Please buy a copy on the link provided above and share it with other people too.

So, I hope the book reviews or the book recommendations on the blog are helpful for you guys. Also, I shall be sharing more. So, stay tuned for that!

Have you read The Diary on the Fifth Floor ? If yes, then Please let me know in the comments if you liked it or not.

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About the Author

Raisha Lalwani, a reader by day and a writer by night, is a content homemaker. Her passion for writing started at an early age and has been growing since. After being trained as a singer in classical Hindustani music, she later went on to get a Master’s in International Business.

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She has lived in Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, and Dubai. Her need to pen things down has led her to this debut novel, The Diary on the Fifth Floor. A fine line between fact and fiction, this book is a collection of short stories in the form of diary entries.

Until then, Happy reading!

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