The Cloudburst review

Book Review: The Cloudburst by Rajesh Naiksatam

Book Title: The Cloudburst

Author: Rajesh Naiksatam

Format/Language: Paperback/English

Publisher:  Story Vision Magic Inc (1 November 2018)

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Book Blurb: The Cloudburst

After fifteen-year-old Ganpu Aapla and his parents lose everything they own, including their beautiful ancestral home in Katalveldurwadi Dabhol, India, to a forced takeover by America’s Enrone Corporation, they move to Mumbai in search of justice. Ganpu’s family takes up residence in a temporary shack that doubles as a chai shop near the Bandra Kurla Complex in a Mumbai suburb.

One day during monsoon season, when Ganpu’s parents are out working, a harmless drizzle suddenly turns into a torrential downpour, which quickly floods the streets.

Julie, Rick, James, and Saira, four international students whose parents all live in India, are supposed to be taking a boat trip to the Elephant Caves, but the unexpected cloudburst dampens their plans. After the tour group heads back to land, their guide leaves them with a stranger—a local teacher named Anu—at a bus stop while he looks for help.

Local teens Siva, Javed, and Xinmin, enthralled by the Mumbai rains, decide to venture out into the city instead of going straight home after school and find themselves also stranded at the bus stop.

This ragtag group of mixed classes, races, and genders is forced to seek shelter with one another in Ganpu’s family’s shop. While they wait, the intensity of the rain increases, threatening their survival. With no way of contacting their frantic parents, the group reluctantly waits together to be rescued.

When it appears an outside rescue might be impossible, Ganpu wholly commits to saving the lives of his guests despite their distrust of him, a lowly roadside hawker. In order for his plan to work, though, he must destroy his family’s only home and livelihood, while each one of the stranded must overcome personal demons and prejudices.

Terrified and left with no other way out, Anu must conquer her own fears and motivate the kids to work together, or else the whole crew will face certain death.

Book Review: The Cloudburst

Life isn’t easy at you. But the only thing which makes a difference is your approach towards it. The book Cloudburst penned by the brilliant author, Rajesh Naiksatam has very beautifully prescribed the sub-title as “The Will to Survive Is a Force That Never Discriminates” which undoubtedly has got a significant lesson attached.

The setting of the book has been developed in contemporary India involving diversity in characters from different places of the world. It has dealt with global issues at a larger extent by making water a medium.

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The best thing is when the writer points out how every discrimination is kept at bay when the survival is at cost. Every person of any race, color or status were standing close to each other forgetting about every line that parted them away. The story has taken place at Mumbai, at the time of fierce rains creating havoc.

The main themes discussed here highlight the importance of courage, integrity along with the emotions dealing with the upliftment while considering a change in lives including your own self or the world around.

Moreover, this book has been “Okay” for me if I talk about the writing style or context/structure. There could have been more depth to it. Overall a nice read for a beginner reader.



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