Book Review Pralay The Great Deluge by Author Vineet Bajpai

Book Review: Pralay: The Great Deluge by Author Vineet Bajpai

Hi! I hope you are doing great. So, I have recently finished reading this book called “Pralay: The Great Deluge (Harappa) by Author Vineet Bajpai” and I really enjoyed reading this book. It has got a really interesting plot and it’s something you should definitely read.

So, here is my review on it:

Author: Vineet Bajpai

Format: Paperback

Publisher: VB Performance LLP (19 January 2018)

Print Length: 315 pages

Language: English

Book Blurb:

““Even death is afraid of the White Mask…”

1700 BCE, Harappa – The devta of Harappa has fallen…tortured and condemned to the dungeons of the dead. His murdered wife’s pious blood falls on the sands of the metropolis, sealing the black fate of Harappa…forever.

2017, Banaras – A master assassin bites into cyanide, but not before pronouncing the arrival of an unstoppable, dark force. A maha-taantric offers a chilling sacrifice.

325 AD, Bithynian City (modern-day Turkey) – Unable to foresee the monster he was untethering, an extraordinary monarch commissions a terrifying world-vision spanning millennia.

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1700 BCE, East of Harappa – A mystical fish-man proclaims the onset of Pralay – the extinction of mankind. The Blood River rises to avenge her divine sons.

What happens to the devta of Harappa? Is Vidyut truly the prophesied saviour? Who are the veiled overlords behind the sinister World Order? What was the macabre blueprint of the mysterious emperor at Bithynian City?

Turn the pages to unravel one of the world’s greatest conspiracies and the haunting story of a lost, ancient civilization.”

Book Review: Pralay: The Great Deluge by Author Vineet Bajpai

Book Review:

I was really excited to read this book especially after reading the first part  Harappa- Curse of the Blood River, I was waiting for this one since then. So, let’s talk about the book cover first which I found really up to the point and relate-able. I encourage you to read the first part of the book so that the journey is understood and you are left with a great experience.

Although, the book has a glimpse of the previous book where Vivasvan Pujari is in the capture of princess Priyamvada and her husband Chakradhar. As far as the book narration is concerned, the author has done a commendable job. It’s really well suited to the book and plot’s setting. The author has the ability to get the reader hooked on, right from the beginning which I completely love.

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Every single page of the book unleashes a mystery and this makes it gripping as well. Pralay: The Great Deluge has a massive, interesting and impressive cast of characters. Whether it’s Tara, or the enigmatic blue-man Matsya, or Trijat Kapaalik, all are equally important to the storyline & powerful though. The book travels through many eras in a short time and to sustain the reader interest and keep the clarity of the whole is a task Vineet has done beautifully.

Overall, Pralay: The Great Deluge by Author Vineet Bajpai is a fantastic read. I loved reading it and I highly suggest you buy a copy from the nearby bookstore and read it asap or buy it online through the link down below from Amazon or add this to your wish list if you are into other books right now and read this one next.

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Do I recommend this book?

Yes! I definitely recommend Pralay: The Great Deluge (Harappa) by Author Vineet Bajpai to you if you are a fan of mythological thrillers.



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About The Author:

Vineet is a first-generation entrepreneur. At age 22 he started his company Magnon from a small shed. Today Magnon is among the largest digital agencies in the subcontinent and part of the Fortune 500 Omnicom Group.

He has led the global top-ten advertising agency TBWA as its India CEO. This made him perhaps the youngest ever CEO of a multinational advertising network in the country. He has won many entrepreneurship and corporate excellence awards, including the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016.

Other books penned by Vineet Bajpai:


Vineet’s second company talentrack is disrupting the media, entertainment and creative industry in India. It is the fastest-growing online hiring and networking platform for the sector.

He has written three best-selling management and inspirational books – Build From Scratch, The Street to the Highway and The 30 Something CEO. He is an avid swimmer, a gaming enthusiast, a bonfire guitarist, and a road-trip junkie.

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