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Book Review: The Invisible Investigation by Lionel Touzellier

Hi! I hope you all are doing well! Your book hoarder is back with a new book review “The Invisible Investigation by Lionel Touzellier.”

So, when I received an opportunity from the Author Lionel Touzellier to write a review on his book “The Invisible Investigation” I was really very excited & felt really honoured. Let’s start with a few details about Book & The Author.

Name of Author

Lionel Touzellier

Book Title | Genre | Length

The Invisible Investigation | Thriller/Suspense/Mystery | 528 pages

Date of Publish

1 edition (1 December 2015)/French Edition by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Book Review: The Invisible Investigation by Lionel Touzellier

Before getting into Plot & structure, I would like to talk about the Book cover which I really liked.

I found it perfect for the novel with Mystery behind the assassination of JFK. (John Fitzgerald Kennedy, an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald).


The story revolves around a mystery plot that, Was there a conspiracy behind the JFK assassination?

Was  Lee Harvey Oswald the only shooter? &  to solve it, two very important characters of the book, The two investigators Dr Mei Wang, a professor of psychology  & Dr Joshua Mandela, a Research professor are hired secretly. On the other hand Roy Harrison, the third main character plays an important role in the story.

So the investigation has been carried on at both scientific & psychological point of view. The investigation is followed by a lot of twists and turns, evidence gets stolen and so on.

The story gets a huge turn when Roy Harrison plays his part & claims that he has got all the answers behind the mystery. But before he could reveal anything, he dies. Now you must be thinking, How the mystery unfolds?

I would highly recommend you to Read the book for that. I am sure you all will love it.


The Book is written very beautifully & so well that it keeps flowing smoothly. The thrill & suspense keeps you turning pages upon pages till the end & grips you.

The detailing of situations & locations has been done perfectly. It’s neither too long nor too short. The words taken from psychology & the scientific terms are really well described keeping in mind the reader’s view point. I loved it.

People who love to read thriller, mystery & suspense novels are absolutely going to love it. I highly recommend you all read it.

Do I like the book? Why?

Yes! 😀  The book is a delight to read. I really loved & enjoyed reading it.

It grips you in a way that makes you turn pages upon pages.

Do I recommend?

Yes! I highly recommend this book to all of you. You will never regret buying it.



Note: A French edition of this book is available on This Book hasn’t been released in English edition yet, but it’s in the process right now. I will update you all as soon as it releases in English edition.

I have received a copy of the latest draft by the Author. Stay tuned for the update!

I hope this Book Review has been helpful. I shall be sharing more books review ‘s in upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!

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