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Book Review: A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri

Book Title: A Drop of You 

Author: Krishna Chhetri

Format/Language/Pages: Paperback/English/288

Publisher:  Quignog (1 June 2019)

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Book Blurb: A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri

We become overtly colorless when our hearts aren’t together; only when a soul finds its body, they sing and dance together to the colors of life.

Three closely-knit people, Karma, Diana & Ghazal meet at the crossroads of life, unaware of the cosmic conspiracy and its comical destiny. The heart is their road, love is their journey and the soul, the final destination. Sailing on the tides of emotions, they encounter deceit, with a tinge of poison and drop of bliss.

Forever love; it is a myth? Or a reality? Is it stifling pain or undying love, that makes love eternal? Come, let us explore!

Book Review: A Drop of You by Krishna Chhetri

Love is an unplanned experience that originates out of any source mixed with heartful emotions. It happens when one least expect it’s arrival. It’s similar to that uninvited guest which carves the passage, sculpting the heart over time. Lucky are those who grab this gracious beauty and try living in the moment. But yes, many fail to comply with the emotion, of never-ending relationship.

‘A Drop of You’ written by Krishna Chhetri and is published under the Quignog Publishers. This mushy love tale depicts the purity of true love. Love depicts the subliminal form of emotion that makes you weak in the knees and bridles your heart. Karma, the protagonist meets Ghazal, a poised and prudent young girl and falls for her passionately.

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Being aware of the fact that Ghazal’s love isn’t so smooth to achieve and therefore tries to impress with his mawkish ode to love. The book is a conflux of some poems in a fine-rhythmic tone and also uses narrative techniques. The use of interjections along with onomatopoeia again ‘n’ makes the reader’s mind-boggling to a little extent.

While love blossoms between the two, Diana, the pivot, realizes that she loves Karma, which further paves way for a cliche love triangle. Karma’s fate takes a negative turn due to some unpredictable circumstances and leads to sabotaging his and Ghazal’s relationship.

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His long recitals and Diana, the eloquent friend evocative dialogue musters create a facade for a while as it’s seen distinct in the next pages. Confusion is raised by the author through the character of Ghazal, as from the beginning Diana & Karma were meant to be together. 

Bad Points: Editing of the book isn’t appropriate, many grammatical errors were found, which couldn’t be ignored. The second point, which can mislead the readers is the baffling blurb, which vaguely constructs the storyline.

Good Points: The twist in the climax is lovable and also use of the compelling narrative technique along with its fast occurrences of the novella will surely keep readers interested.

Overall, this book is a treasure house of feelings and emotions. The title “A Drop of You” is best suited as a drop of love can surely make a difference in your life.



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