How to develop best online dating apps

How to Develop Best Online Dating Apps?

Best online dating apps like Tinder are gaining popularity these days by eradicating the efforts for searching the right partner because these apps have placed the person of your choice a tap away. Dating app like this being popular attract lots of money. So being the owner of such an application is a win-win situation.

How to Develop Best Online Dating Apps?

First of all, hire a dating app developer if you don’t know the coding part involved in the development of a phone application. Then discuss with him the features listed below and convince him for the right price mentioned next to that.


So here is a list of mobile dating app features that your mobile should have:


This dating app feature allows users to have the freedom of choice. And in a survey, it was concluded that swiping on a phone screen is much easier than ‘long tap holds’. That’s the reason why even WhatsApp introduced the ‘swipe to reply feature’.


Due to this feature, one can use his established identity on another social media platform. In this way, the user doesn’t need to add a lot of photographs and stuff.

Mobile dating app like Tinder allows users to connect their Instagram account with their Tinder dating app account.

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This is the most necessary feature that a dating app should have. You cannot know a person wholly until you in getting in touch with him/her until you have that conversation which lets you see the person inside out.

Not providing this dating app feature while giving the one above will let the crowd of your platform reach other social networks and indirectly reduce your traffic because to chat, these guys will do the same in their social media account integrated into the application.


Let the users know the people near them looking for a match so that physical interaction becomes easier for both of them. It will help them to hang out more together.


Add this feature with some premium Services and have more money come to your way.

Tinder dating app comes with special plans like Tinder Gold and Tinder plus for users who are willing to pay extra bucks for some more features.

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To cut the costs here is the superb idea that you won’t get from anywhere on the Internet.

For the codes of the dating app, use GitHub. GitHub is an open source collection of codes that you can use in the development of your application.

Tell your mobile dating app developer to pick the code of Tinder from there and mold it as per your requirement and also change the UI/UX a little.

So, this way you can cut almost 700-900$ from the pay of your developer. So the cost in this way will be not more than ₹1, 00,000.

If for some reason your developer doesn’t want to go through this GitHub thing, try to find a new dating app developer and ask him to do the same. If you don’t find one who agrees to you, then the cost for developing the dating app from scratch would easily reach the mark of 2,00,000 bucks.

I hope this article on “How to Develop Best Online Dating Apps?” has helped you out.

Until then!

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