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Are You Eating Food or Slow Poison? – Eating Habits

What you choose to eat every single day have a huge impact on the body and health on the whole. This includes how you are feeling today, will feel tomorrow as well as in the future. Integrated with physical activity, the food with good nutrition or good eating habits can help you to reach a certain healthy weight.

It can reduce the risk of chronic diseases, for example, hypertension, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and advance your overall health. Nowadays, unhealthy food or diet choices and wrong eating habits are contributing to various serious diseases, especially obesity.

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Even if you are someone with a healthy weight, the wrong food choices with low nutritional value can advance illness and even death.

Hence, by building smart food eating habits and healthy and fresh food choices, you can guide and protect yourself. People with regular routines that include skipping breakfast, swallowing down an unhealthy snack or lunch, chips, grabbing a soda, cakes, donuts or beverages like drinking coffee all day long etc.

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Top Bad Eating Habits:

  • Binging on unhealthy snacks or packed food like chips
  • Starving yourself in order to shed some extra pounds
  • Eating junk food on a regular basis
  • Overeating and not eating in portions
  • Not reading labels and nutritional information on the packs
  • Consuming a lot of sugar, white flour, Caffeine, and simple carbohydrates
  • Not consuming enough water etc.

5 Signs that Indicate You’re Eating Wrong:

  • You have extremely low energy
  • Your skin is breaking out and signs of acne
  • You are getting sick often
  • Your digestive system is all messed up
  • You are not able to lose weight even when you are working etc.

So, pay attention to your body, and see if it’s displaying any physical symptoms that something is not in balance and there is a need to seek a professional in order to guide you to get to the root of the problem.

Some Unhealthy Foods that Work as a Slow Poison:

Although there are a variety of unhealthy foods available in the market nowadays, a few of them mentioned below are the worst if consumed regularly and in larger quantities than their required amount per day:


You must have heard or read somewhere that sugar is not good for your overall health. There is a reason why fitness lovers say this. Sugar is present in most of the processed foods and beverages like soft drinks, tea, coffee, even your daily diets.

eating habits sugar

You keep consuming until you are aware of its consequences that it has on your body. Sugar is most fattening and linked to obesity as well as other conditions such as fatty liver, diabetes and heart failure.

Your brain doesn’t register sugar as food and you are addicted to consuming more because it provides energy and in some ways a comfort when you are feeling low.

Pizza (Other junk food too)

Everyone loves to have a slice of pizza. Do you? But is it made of healthy ingredients? Sure, in some cases when the topping and the base is made accordingly it could be healthy, but not always. They do have a layer of veggies on the top, but that is only a small part of it not the most part of it.

eating habits pizza and junk food

But the pizzas you are eating with a good amount of cheese (without the awareness of the type customization available), they are only counted as junk. They are high in calories.

So, opt for customization or homemade ones and eat healthily.

White Bread as well as Brown Bread

Bread is basically made up of wheat, which consists of protein gluten. This is why all wheat-based products especially bread are a bad option for those people who have gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. However, most of the commercial wheat bread is unhealthy, even for people who don’t have gluten sensitivity.

eating habits bread food

This is usually because most of them are made up of refined wheat that is low in required nutrients and leads to brisk spikes in blood sugar. So, if you are having problems with carbohydrates or gluten, then there are various recipes for bread available these days online that are gluten-free as well as low in carbohydrates.

Most of the Fruit Juices

Many of us assume that fruit juices are a part of healthy living, but this is not the case. Most of the bottles even fresh fruit juices that come packed have more fruit-flavored sugar water than the actual juice content. So, these juices can’t be included in healthy diets.

eating habits juices

Moreover, fruit juice consists of as much sugar as any other sugary drink like Coke, and sometimes even more. However, these should not be considered as daily food options. And they aren’t something that you can’t drink daily especially to quench thirst. 

Opt for water or detoxifying juice instead which is the best to remove the toxins out of the body. It can become a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Industrial Vegetable Oils

People have been consuming these industrial vegetable oils for years and the consumption is increasing with the passing of time. The consumption of refined vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, and canola oil has increased drastically.

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These oils contain a high quantity of omega-6 fatty acids. They are also highly sensitive to getting oxidized in the body and they have also been associated with the enhanced risk of cancer. Opt for healthier eating habits and options like coconut oil, butter, ghee (in required amount), extra virgin olive oil etc. instead.


People need salt in order to survive. It’s because our bodies depend on sodium for various functions like nerve transmissions, muscle contractions, etc. But, our bodies are created in a way that they react negatively on consuming too much salt.

eating habits salt and spices

Also, this can affect our brain, arteries, heart, and kidneys. The excessive intake of salt can cause chemical imbalances in the body that can lead you to death.


Many people often say that we have got just one life and we should live it fully, but your health should not be taken for granted no matter what. So, make healthy food choices, opt for a lifestyle that includes healthy diets and healthy eating habits.

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A cheat meal is fine once in a while, but don’t do that often. Keep following a healthy living and maintain healthy eating habits. Opt for more greens and fresh food.

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