Contouring with Coloressence Panstick Concealer FS 5 Pinkish Beige

How to use an Affordable Concealer for Contouring?

Spending your hard earned money on a separate Contouring Product makes no sense, if you can use an Affordable Concealer for the same purpose. And especially for a newbie or most of the people who do have a middle class lifestyle.

Do you agree with me? Most of us look out for products that could be of multi-use & affordable too.

{I won’t say this article is for a person who is rich &¬†who is not. But, come-on we can save a lot by opting this method instead of spending our money a lot on expensive ones. (People have their own choices & we don’t neglect that)}

Switch an Expensive Contouring product with a Concealer


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For this you will need three concealers (or just One as I like to use in my case. I am going to talk about that as well.)

One that matches your skin tone

(which you are already using for under eye area or other problem areas etc.)

One slightly Darker Concealer

(for Contouring purpose)

One slightly Lighter Concealer

(for the highlight purpose)

So, Concealers are the products which are affordable than many of the contouring products, are easy to apply & come in a variety of colors & variations as well. We just have to choose the ones that work great for our skin tone, & are easy to blend into the skin.

Steps to Contour Your face using Concealers

1. Apply your Base first i.e Primer followed by the Foundation you prefer is good for your skin type & usually do

2. Apply the Concealer that matches your skin tone under your eye area or any problem areas, like spots or blemishes.

3. Find your cheekbones by making a pout (don’t over pout, but make a normal one) and apply the One slightly Darker Concealer¬†drawing a line or¬†three dots underneath your cheekbones. Also don’t forget to apply it along your jawline, the sides of your nose &¬†the top of your forehead for¬†more sculpted look.

Face Contouring

Image Source

4. Now it’s time to Blend everything well. You can use a beauty blender, your fingers or a good brush to blend in & out everything.

5.¬†Apply the One slightly Lighter Concealer drawing a line or¬†three dots¬†on the area like the bridge of your nose, inner corners of eyes, cheekbones and cupid’s bow. And Blend it well¬†with a clean brush to avoid any kind of a mess.

Face Highlighting

Image Source

6. It’s time to set everything into place with a good loose face powder & also a bronzer if you feel like.

(I usually prefer to use the Maybelline’s Face Studio V-Face Contour Duo powder to set my base makeup because it also helps in enhancing the contour & highlight points of my face with its two shades.

And I personally feel it’s a good purchase being so affordable & can be used as an alternative to compact powder, contour products in powder form etc. It’s handy¬†because of an inbuilt mirror & an applicator brush inside)

Maybelline's Face Studio V-Face Contour Duo powder
Maybelline’s Face Studio V-Face Contour Duo powder

7. After you are done with contouring, it’s¬†the time for the rest of your makeup like Eyes, Eyebrows, Blush & Lips etc. & you are good to go.

Let’s now talk about the Concealer I use just for the Contour purpose &¬†underneath¬†Maybelline’s Face Studio V-Face Contour Duo powder.

Coloressence Panstick Concealer FS 5 Pinkish Beige


Coloressence Panstick comes in a simple black colored lipstick kinda packaging with an outer back hard cover. The cap is tight & the product comes out by rotating it from the lower half end.





FS 5- Pinkish Beige. It’s darker than my facial skin tone.

(Because I purchased it as an alternative for a Contouring product)


It has a soft texture & a good amount of product deposits on the face in just one stroke.


It has a decent coverage & hides blemishes quite well.

As I mentioned earlier that I use it only as an alternative to contouring stick. I apply it to the specific area of my face where I need to contour & then blend it with my fingers or sometimes with a brush. When blended well, it gives a pretty decent coverage.

Staying Power & Review:

It stays for good 4 to 6 hours. It is nonsticky, nongreasy & gives a completely matte finish after blending. I have combination skin type & it works really good for my skin.

I personally found it as a good option & a good¬†alternative for¬†a contour product. It’s in a stick form, thus easy to apply on face & carry around. It does the job really well, &¬†who likes to spend much on a product if an affordable option can do the job? Well, I don’t!

I can use it anytime & about anywhere along with the Maybelline New York V-Face Duo Powder, which gives a natural nude kind of look for every day & occasional use as well.


Rs.185 Buy Here

(You can also check out the How to Guide for contouring)

There are many other Concealer options available in the market. These include the Maybelline Concealers, L.A girl Pro Concealers, & many such with so many variable shades & colors to choose from.

I hope you found this article helpful. I shall be back with more interesting stuff super soon. Stay tuned! ūüôā

Do you also have Contouring hacks to share? Let us know & get featured here.

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