A Quick Guide to view before buying Designer Gold Jewellery

Be it the bridal ornaments for your special day or the routine statement pieces that speak of your fine lifestyle, the designer gold jewellery has many takers in today’s style-conscious world. While there are various gold jewellery shops in Ahmedabad, the task of buying designer gold jewellery comes with its own set of challenges and groundwork – for gold being an expensive material to buy in the first place. Here are some quick guidelines for you to go by when you want to shop for these timeless gold classics.

Ensure the quality and purity

As the first and quite a logical step, checking the purity and the quality level of the gold ornament you wish to purchase is critical. You may find a piece of stunning looking earrings absolutely irresistible, for example. However, if its quality of gold is compromised and you aren’t aware of it while paying the mullahs then you are guaranteed to feel cheated and regret it later.

To cut away this ordeal, go for the designer gold jewelry by putting the quality first. The key here is to first look for the hallmark on the particular piece that you are wishing to buy. It is comparatively a safer bet to commence with. Hallmarked jewellery means that it meets the basic standards of quality and purity.

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Pick a showroom that goes by the established standards

There are numerous hallmarked gold jewellery shops in Ahmedabad. In contrast of which, there are a number of smaller, dubious and unrecognized stores too that lure a customer by offering cheaper cost for the jewellery which they claim to be made out of high-quality gold and making standards.

Avoid falling into this trap. In the absence of the hallmark, you might be buying a necklace that looks beautiful but falls short on the quality making you a victim of a deceiving deal. While there are chances of the wrongdoers forging a hallmark too, the most secure way of choosing a top jewellery store is often by checking the list on the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) website.

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Pre-educate yourself over the prices

In order to be an informed buyer that is difficult to be misled, do your own bit of research by checking the prices of gold per gram from the reliable associations of gold jewelers, recognized showrooms and related websites. 

Also, be aware of the kinds of making methods of gold jewellery. Machine-made versus man-made, for example, the gold jewellery price often differs on the basis of that too. Another decisive point in the gold jewellery rates is the amount of other material used in it along with gold – like, emerald, ruby, diamonds, etc. If you are charged per the weight of a designer gold jewellery piece, be aware of the weight of these non-gold elements also.

Source: goldprice.org

Time your purchase well

The gold prices generally tend to shoot up during certain months or seasons. The wedding season, festivals, auspicious days, etc. see the higher demand for gold purchase and hence and prices are also prone to go higher following the trend. Therefore, try and plan your gold jewellery shopping a little in advance. Time it preferably around an offseason where the prices are not sky high.

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Do ask for a bill

Gone are the days of buying gold jewellery in an unaccounted fashion. Buying it with a bill is admittedly a slightly more complex process due to various reasons. A purchase exceeding a certain price limit can often require you to present certain documents, proofs and pay additional taxes. However, asking for and possessing a bill is your sure shot at getting post-sales benefits along with a few other pluses of having it?

With a valid bill in your hand, you have the quality assurance and purchase transparency. You have a better ground of reselling it and a dependable document if at all you need to approach a consumer court for any reason regarding your buy.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvLQi2RrPCE

Check the buy-back terms

It is always a good idea to check and confirm the buy-back policies of a gold jewellery store. This is needed when you decide to purchase from there. It is a prevalent consumer pattern especially in India that one might want to buy gold jewellery today and resell it later for the then-future prices of gold and more contemporary design.

Moreover, it is the best idea to sell it back to the store you had bought it from if at all you decide to go for it. In such scenarios, having proper knowledge of the store’s buy-back terms and conditions as well as schemes gives you the right idea about what you are getting into.

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