Hair Styling with Clip-In Hair Extensions

A Quick Guide on Hair Styling with Extensions | BeautyInHair

Whether the trendy fall look you want to create is thick and textured or sleek and refined, it’s simple to incorporate hair extensions for your hair styling into the fabulous runway or red carpet style you want to capture.

For example, if you can’t commit to edgy, roughly-chopped bangs but want to test the style out, a clip-on extension can help you create the one-time look. Your stick-straight hair may not have the wave, but curled or braided extensions can help you achieve looks invoking laid-back elegance.

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Long hair lengths are back in style, and bonded extensions can give your shorter hair a perceived boost. Popular hairstyles for fall incorporate a variety of textures, lengths, and layers, but both clip-on hair extensions and bonded extensions made from human hair can be manipulated in infinite ways to achieve whichever hairstyles you plan to model this autumn.

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Hair Styling with Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are very useful to women who want to experiment with different styles before committing to a new hairdo, particularly a set length of hair.

With clip-in extensions, you can naturally maintain a straight-cut bob with long front bangs at work, dash into a bathroom to add extensions, and reemerge with a side part and a layered, shoulder-length look to wear out on the town. If you choose to invest in clip-in extensions to satisfy your fall hair styling needs, you can try out a unique style every day!

A Quick Guide on Hair Styling with Extensions | BeautyInHair

Try wearing a long, low ponytail for a classic “school girl chic” effect. If you have short hair but want to fashion a smooth, silky ponytail, simply secure a long strand of clip-in extension hair to the back of your natural ponytail with a hair elastic or two.

Also, If you want to show you’re really savvy about what’s in style this fall, you can also slick back the hair framing your forehead, or wrap a thin tendril of hair around the elastic securing your ponytail. You can add an edge to your look with uneven layers. A clip in hair extensions placed against your part can help you create a choppy, complex layering effect.

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Don’t clip faux bangs over the front of your forehead next to a boring middle part. Instead, dramatically part your hair to the side before adding the bangs to your crown at an angle for a completely unique hairstyle.

Bouffant hairstyles will reemerge in the fashion world this fall. To get tall, artfully-teased hair, bonded extensions may be a good choice to add thickness and volume to your current look. If you currently have medium-length hair, however, you can also try buying a clip-in extension or some loose strands of extension hair to pin underneath your natural hair. This will lift your hair up to the height you desire.

Hair Styling with Bonded Hair Extensions

You can easily style your hair into more complex long, curly, or voluminous hairdos this fall using bonded extensions. You can ask your stylist for tips when he or she puts in your human hair extensions, or visit a hair extension salon if you’re struggling with a complicated style. Be sure to ask your stylist about the limits of your extensions before you leave the salon, and venture into the crunchy autumn leaves.

Try curling your hair into rough waves, styling loose tendrils of hair in different directions for a relaxed yet decidedly demure look. Grab an elastic and get creative by roping tendrils of hair into a feminine, laid-back loose bun. You can also try a more disordered take on the classic French twist by pinning up a twisted ponytail and letting strands fly free.

These looser bun styles for fall may not require hair spray; if you don’t have to wash the hairspray out, you can avoid the hassle of washing your hair and the attached extensions, and the damage you can cause by washing your hair too often.

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