A Cracker Free Diwali

Celebrate a Cracker & Pollution Free Diwali 2018

The festival of Diwali is on the verge and you all might be going through some vigorous preparations for the same, from removing the cobwebs to buying new clothes, from painting the walls to decorating the house with Christmas lights. Diwali is a beautiful festival that brings colors in rangolis, brightness in diyas and generosity in the sweets.

It stimulates cleanliness in us and makes our home sparkling clean but after cleaning our walls and their corner we somewhere foul the atmosphere and make it unclean by bursting crackers. According to the reports of “The India Today” in 2017, the pollution level increased 24 times in the capital and the AQI reached from 176 to 204 in Mumbai the next day after Diwali.

Not only it causes air pollution but also creates a havoc of noise. This becomes disturbing and extremely disturbing for my grandma and cute little Bonko (my pet dog).

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On the occasion of such an auspicious festival, it’s sad to see that we choose to burn our money just for a few loud noises and glittering sparks of light that are responsible for the death of many instead of using that money to make Diwali happy of the ones who are underprivileged.

This money that we burn every year in a single day could be used to feed thousands hungry and homeless people, to donate books to the illiterate kids of our country, to finance some non-profit organizations that could have done the best possible with that money. It’s disappointing to see that on the festival of Goddess Laxmi we burn her incessantly just for the sake of a few hour entertainments.

It’s happening the opposite of what it should have been. The festival, instead of bringing in the wealth, is leaving us bereft of it, instead of lighting up someone’s life, it is darkening it by creating more asthma, sinus, ischaemic and heart stroke patients. So, this Diwali let us all join hands together to change the way we celebrate this festival.

Instead of lighting up the sky let’s light up a life, let’s make the future of a kid happy.

Here is a list of few NGOs where you contribute to do the same.

Literacy India

India Literacy Project

Room To Read

In the end, I wish you and your loved ones a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May you achieve infinite success this festive season. Don’t forget to celebrate this Diwali free of firecrackers and hence, free of pollution caused by them.

Until then 🙂

P.S.: This post is not sponsored by any organization mentioned above.


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