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5 Ways your Daily Thoughts Dominate your Actions

How does your Thinking impact your Actions?

It is very rightly said- you are what you think. Think of your thoughts as a potter, who is carefully moulding a piece of wet clay- You. He skillfully moves his fingers in the desired direction, which gives shape to his creation. Your daily thoughts mould your destiny and ultimately shape you as a person.

As You Think, So You Do

Let me give you an example- two children, Mike and George are sitting by the window, on a rainy day. Mike is staring outside excitedly, while George chooses to mope and sulk and curse his bad fortune.

Mike channels his thoughts and energy in a positive direction- he goes out to play in the rain, while George spends the day doing nothing but clogging his mind with negative, destructive thoughts. This goes on to show, that your thoughts become your actions.

If you choose to think of each undesired situation positively, your actions will help you in your growth.

So, would you want to emulate Mike or George?

Power of Positive Thoughts

The next question that crops up is- why are positive thoughts necessary for our interpersonal growth?

Your mind is like an open field, a patch of land that is solely yours. If you sow positive thoughts, they will yield positive outcomes. Similarly, if you sow the seeds of negativity in your mind, the fruits you get will be likewise. Just like you can’t sow the seed of an apple and expect an orange, you cannot sow a negative thought and hope for fruitful actions!

There’s so much energy inside you. A desire to accomplish your targets, meet your expectations, procure your goals, and to live your dreams. You must use this energy constructively- think of happy thoughts and you will continue to get what you desire! 🙂

Your Daily Thoughts Define You

Your daily thoughts play a crucial role in elucidating your character. Positive thoughts make you more likeable, appreciated and approachable. Positive and happy thoughts help you cultivate a network of equally positive and happy people, who help strengthen your focus, and prevent you from going astray and crossing over to the negative side.

Sometimes, negative thoughts can bring about really scary actions, which damage you as well as those around you. Don’t let destructive thoughts take over you. Seek help, whenever you find yourself slipping into the abyss of negativity. Talk to people around you, they’re always there to help!

Successful People Think Big

Successful people think big. The key to making it big is dreaming big. Never restrict your thoughts to mediocre, easily achievable targets. Dare to push your limits, and think big.

The greatest inventions of modern times are a result of the thoughts of investors, who refused to think small. Their thoughts governed their actions, and help to serve their purpose. The light-bulb, internet, telephones and computers would never have seen the light of day, if their inventors had not thought big, from the very beginning.

Think big! Maybe the next big, revolutionary idea is yours. Maybe you’re the next big actor, singer, dancer, sports-person, author and speaker. The World is your playground. No dream is too big for you!

Your Thoughts Take You Places

Think of it this way- you’re on board a huge ship- sailing majestically through the ocean. Your daily thoughts are steering the ship through the choppy waters, with the aim of guiding it to safety. The way you think will determine if you make it to your destination, or your ship will collide with an iceberg and will meet its untimely end.

The sails are in your hands. Let the winds of your daily thoughts safely guide your ship to the shore! Direct your actions in a manner that will bring you closer to your aspirations!

I hope this article has been helpful. Stay tuned for more! Stay happy & positive!

Written by- Dhruv Gupta (Guest Blogger)

Editted by- Shivali Singla


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  1. Loved it…great lines…when i read the first line “think of your thoughts as a potter” harrypotter struck my mind…when he mould the clay?? Thinkinggg…is it a phrase?? Read it fr 2 more times Then only i realised who the potter was… Really nice…very motivational keep motivating us

  2. You wrote each and every line so beautifully! Very much motivating❤ I am just loving your each and every article as it is mixture if all the things..I must say you’re amazing blogger and the way you explain and write just awsome Keep it up

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