5 Things about Happiness You need to know

A Five-Point Guide To Happiness

Somewhere between striving to accomplish our goals, and hoping to meet the expectations of others, our happiness gets sidetracked. Right? It’s the story of every other human being out there.

So, how to stay happy? We are all looking for happiness, but perhaps in the wrong places.

So, here’s how you can find happiness:

A five-point guide to Happiness, and ways on how you can incorporate it in your life!

1) Happiness is essentially a commitment and an option.

Let me give you an example- You’re given a seed. Ensure that this seed grows into a healthy plant. Now, that wouldn’t be possible, unless you make a commitment, and choose an option. You have to be committed to raising the plant- watering it every day, using the best-grade of manure, placing it somewhere it could soak in enough sunshine required for its nourishment and growth. In the same way, Happiness is a commitment.

It’s almost like a relationship. You will have a fair share of highs and lows, but you have to be committed enough to keep this relationship alive. Happiness is also an option, just like you have options, in every situation. Your options define you, mold you as a person, and help you grow.

2) Happiness is a daily thing.

Let’s get back to the seed you were given. You’re really pumped about it, through the first week. You make sure the soil quality is great, the surroundings are warm, and you water it twice daily. Now, will you stop watering it a few days later? It will shrivel up, and die! You failed in your challenge! Similarly, we’re all in this challenge together, and it’s called life. You wake up every day, with an option to be happy.

If you don’t pick this option every day, you’ve lost the challenge for that day! You will slowly begin to lose the meaning of your purpose and life. Don’t let that happen!

3) You have to Plan Happiness.

We’re planning for everything. We’re chalking out monthly budgets, plan for the weekend, New Year Resolutions (Quick progress check: Are you keeping up with your resolutions?), Vacation plans, plans to meet our friends.

Have you ever tried planning happiness?

Have you Listed out all the things that make you happy?

Does going to the park for an hour make you happy? or it’s the cooking that makes you happy? or listening to music makes you happy?

Plan what makes you happy, and then DO IT. Don’t let it be like your forgotten New Year’s resolutions. 🙂

4) Emotions are contagious.

Happiness, just like every other emotion, is contagious. It’s important to surround yourself with the people who make you happy and add value to your life. Emotions are like the plague- ravaging the country, laying its fingers on everyone who dared to cross its path. Make sure you’re infected by the happiness plague. Let me guide you through the symptoms of the ‘Happiness Plague’:

-Your life is going to get better.

-Your heart will be healthier.

-You’ll always have something to look forward to.

-You’ll get to your goals, quicker than ever before.

Well, the Happiness plague is one disease I’m not afraid of. 🙂

5) You Create your own happiness.

You’re given a blank page and asked to fill it with whatever you like. Quotes, doodles, caricatures- anything that pleases you. Every new day is like a blank page as well. You have the option to fill it with happiness, rainbows, dazzling colors and smiley faces.

The main essence of this is- you are the ultimate creator of your happiness. Your happiness is your inner beauty. So, the next time someone asks you the secret to your radiance, you know just what to tell them! And only if you know what I mean 😉 So, come on and let’s take a pledge to stay happy and make it our everyday goal. Because nothing comes to you on its own, you have to create it.


Written by- Dhruv Gupta (Guest Blogger)

Edited by- Shivali Singla

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26 thoughts on “5 Things about Happiness You need to know

  1. Happiness k liye kuch karne ki jarurat nahi hai, khushi apne ander se aati hai, hum agar satisfied hain to khush rehty hain, idliye jyada umeed na rakhty huey jo hai usme khush rahy, dusro ki khushi me khush rahy, ye to ek dusre se baatne per aur badti hai ))))))

  2. Excellent definition and action plan from Dhruv to be happy and to spread happiness,which unfortunately seems to be heading for extinction in today’s world……

  3. Super happy after reading this post got so Much energy n positive vibes. ThankYou for this lovely post. Love it to the core.

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