5 Tactics to Learn from Author Priya Kumar

5 Tactics to Learn from Author Priya Kumar

Hi 🙂 I hope you are doing great! Today I am going to share the 5 Tactics to Learn from Author Priya Kumar. I find these tactics really helpful to stay Positive, Inspired & Motivated.

About Author Priya Kumar

A Bestselling Author, a Corporate trainer, a Celebrity Columnist and an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Priya Kumar is the CEO of Priya Kumar’s Training Systems. She is India’s first certified Woman Fire-walk Instructor.

In 2013 Priya’s first book “I Am Another YOU” was awarded the EVERGREEN BOOK MEDAL at the Living Now Awards Ceremony in Michigan, USA. Recently, She has won Book excellence award, USA for her 8th book “The Calling – Unleash Your True Self.”Read More About Author

We came in contact during the promotion of The Calling – Unleash Your True Self . I Read the book & I am following her on social media since then. She inspires me & I love her passion towards her work & her students/followers. She is so down to earth & adorable. I love reading her books, watching Inspirational & motivational YouTube videos on her channel because they inspire me a lot.

Also a 52 Week Creators of the future Workshop running on her YouTube channel which is so valuable in terms of being a student of success. There won’t be enough words to describe how she has changed & still changing my life by being a mentor at her 52 Week Creators of the future Workshop.

5 Tactics to Learn from Author of  “I Am Another YOU”

Be Found

“Make yourself known. Put yourself forward. There is a professional and personal match for you who is equally impatient to find you as you are to be discovered. Make the effort. Make your goodness known.”- Priya Kumar.

When starting up for some business/ Work especially Entrepreneurs & people with creative fields, We find ourselves alone & demotivated sometimes. No one in the world except for our family or friends knows us. We do feel that our Work progress is so slow & we ask ourselves that how shall we be going to make it to the top?

A Simple tactic that I learnt & want to share here is that Be Found. There are many ways to do that like to Advertise offline traditionally and online on social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Roposo and many such platforms. The point here is to Be Found by the people if they are not able to find you because they might don’t really know that your business even exists.

360 degree View of Your Work/Business

“A whole Circle Picture/Birds Eye View of your work takes your work to another level.” –Priya Kumar.

I agree with her completely when she says, “Know More & beyond. Also about the peripheries that are co-related to your work profile.” For example- I am a blogger. My Work is not only to write good content, but also to make sure that I use high-quality visuals in the blog posts.

I have to make sure my marketing team is doing the work correctly & I can only do that only if I have a 360 degree View of My WorkI can’t ask them anything & I can’t help them with anything until I have the knowledge about what marketing team has to do with my business.

I can’t do the Content writing, Photography, Marketing, Research Work, Social media handling, Finance handling all by myself. A growing business needs a skilled team. But to lead such team I have to have a 360 degree View of my work /Business.

and this also leads me to one more tactic below that I learnt.

“Knowledge Never goes Waste” – Priya Kumar

If I have the knowledge about what my team & their work has to do with my vision even if that is not my part of Work, I will be able to help them better with ideas if I have. Also, I can choose & hire right people for my work, & I won’t have to worry if the team is doing the right job or not.

I feel it so right when she says “Knowledge Never goes Waste.” As an entrepreneur, It’s important in every case that you have a team whom you can trust & you can do that only if you know them really well.

Say No to Ordinary & Mediocre Mindset

Say No to Mediocrity,Personally and Professionally“-Priya Kumar.

To be on top, to be better than your competitors, you have to leave the herd with average, mediocre mindset. You have to have a circle of like minded people, People who are as passionate about their work as you are, & People with extraordinary mindset & unreasonable dreams.

You will learn from them & will be able to see your work with more viewpoints because there are people who are going to be valuable to you & you are going to be equally valuable for them as well.

Compromise is Transient, don’t make it Permanent

There are times when you feel that the situations instead of being parallel, are speed breakers in your success journey. And you have to compromise for your dream at those times.

Don’t let that compromise to act as a permanent road block. It might take some time, courage & patience, but that doesn’t mean that your life is finished or dream has been shattered.

Hold on to your dreams & be patient because time changes & situations will align. This whole experience will act as a stepping stone in some way or other later on. You will learn throughout this whole experience.

I hope these above 5 Tactics to Learn from Author Priya Kumar have been helpful. Do share in comments below the tactic you personally felt life changing for you as well. Stay happy & Stay inspired 🙂

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15 thoughts on “5 Tactics to Learn from Author Priya Kumar

  1. The tactic that I learnt is to always follow the ‘Take it easy’ policy. There are times, when you feel down. If you keep on thinking about it, you cannot proceed further. So its better to accept that everything happens for something good.

  2. Kaafi acche thoughts hain, aajkal ki life me sach me inko yse karna chaiye,main bhi aajkal inme se kuch ko use karke, ” i love to live rest of my lufe us best of my life” per hi chal rahi hu mera whatsapp status bhi yehi hai

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