5 Helpful Tips for a Destination Wedding

5 Helpful Tips for a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding is not an easy task and it can’t be done until you hire a good team and decide on a perfect destination for the wedding. From one ceremony to another involves so many things and preparations like the wedding rentals which take forever if not planned well.

Do you agree with me?

I am sure you do. So, today I have 5 Helpful Tips that could make your Destination Wedding a memorable one and an experience of a lifetime for you and the guests. Let’s begin:

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Pick a destination by keeping in mind the type of wedding you and your partner want to have. Do you want a beach wedding or you want to book a resort and go for a royal destination wedding? It will then help determine the wedding theme or style that you desire for your big day and all the other preparations.

You will have to think and know about a lot of things like budget, weather, distance, travel concerns of the guests etc. On a tight budget, picking up a destination closer to your city only makes sense. Check out venues online first and look out for places that fit your vision, and list out everything that you want for your special day. This will help you with the next step which is to hire a wedding planner.

And if you are like me who love those balmy breezes, and bright sun that would make the wedding destination one of the most picturesque places in the world then event rentals Tulum is your thing.


Hiring a local professional who specializes in destination weddings can save you from most of the troubles, time, and money. It’s always helpful to have someone professional on the ground. There are many venues that come with a planner, which is another, a very good option to go for. A local planner can help you take advantage of his or her local contacts with people such as florists, photographers, caterers, makeup artists, and so many other things.

Now, with the help of your wedding planner, you can easily reserve your venue and date for the wedding and the other ceremonies. It’s always advisable to hold the wedding at a venue like a resort or a hotel where guests can also stay onsite.

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Invitations should go out at least four to six months prior so that the guests can get the best deals on flights and accommodations before prices go high.

It’s always a good option to put everyone in one reasonably affordable hotel with all the deliverables like sending welcome bags to their rooms on their arrival, full of essentials that could be needed the most as per the location and don’t forget to make them feel welcomed.


Save your time, money and energy for later and make sure to plan a trip to your destination to meet with your vendors in person before the ceremonies begin. Arrive there a few days earlier than your guests do. Have a look at the venue, accommodations and ceremony locations and the types of transportation that will be required if the venues are away from where the guests will be staying.

Unplanned things could be troublesome especially in the case of a destination wedding. So, plan a visit to the ceremony venue in advance.


Packing up those wedding essentials from the dresses, shoes, hair accessories, makeup, the matching jewelry and so on can be stressful because you don’t want to forget an important thing at home. So, make yourself a checklist before you start packing.

Spend a week, 2-3 weeks before getting the items you need to buy and take with you. By giving yourself extra time like this will make you a relaxed and calm, and everything else will take care of itself.

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I hope this article “5 Helpful Tips for a Destination Wedding” has been helpful. Stay tuned for more.

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