5 Easy Exercises to Reduce BELLY FAT

5 Easy Exercises to Reduce BELLY FAT (Don’t miss out 2ND)

When it comes to fitness, you at once think and crave for a flat belly and a perfect waistline. Well, only skipping meals or following diet will not do justice in burning your belly fat. It will rather decrease your energy and metabolism level.

But for healthy heart and lungs, you need to reduce the belly fat. Here is how:

5 Easy Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat


One of the easiest ways to burn belly fat is by doing crunches. For crunches, lie down on your back and lift your knees up. Put your hands behind your head, inhale deeply and then lift your upper body. Exhale. Inhale again as you get back down and exhale again as you come up while lifting your upper body.

In one set at least 25 times must be done. After the basic crunches, you can also try side crunches.

Note– Keep in mind, not to jerk your head forward while lifting your upper body. This may lead to neck pain.

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Planks help in reducing belly fat by applying pressure on the abdomen region. For planks, lie down with your chest facing the mat or ground. Use your hands and feet as planks to lift your body up, keeping your neck aligned to your spine. The body should be kept straight and stiff. Be in the same position for about 30 seconds. Repeating sets may help in reducing fat faster.

Note– The neck should be in line with the spine and knees should be kept straight for better results.


Another way to reduce belly fat along with toning of thighs is by doing lunges. To do lunge twist you will have to bend your knees slightly. Then put one leg ahead of the other and move the other ahead of the former one with a bent knee. Repeat the process for about 1-2 minutes as a beginner. Then increase the time of each set accordingly.

Note– While performing lunges spine should be kept straight. For better results, you can carry some weight in your hands as well.

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Bending Side to Side

This is the simplest way you can do to burn belly mass. Stand with your feet quite a distance apart. Stretch your right hand to your left and keep yourself in the same position till you feel a little strain on your left waist. Now return to the original position and repeat the same process to the opposite side i.e. stretch your left hand to your right side and keep yourself in the same position till you feel a little strain on your right waist. Do 25 times in each set.

Note– While bending side to side your body should be erect else it may lead to back pain.


Bicycling is used for abs so you can do it to burn belly fat. The only difference in this exercise is here you need not to use a real bicycle. You have to create a virtual bicycle for yourself. Lie yourself down on your back. Keeping your hands behind your head. Lift your legs up making 90° with the ground and start cycling. Initially go slowly and thereafter increase your speed. Doing it at least 30-35 times in each set may give you faster results.

Note– Back should be kept erect and legs should be perpendicular to the ground.

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So, these simple and easy 5 exercises will surely help you in reducing your belly fat. Along with that for the perfect waistline, you need to balance exercise with your diet. For that, you will have to stop skipping meals, start eating healthy and drinking sufficient amount of water.

I hope this article “5 Easy Exercises to Reduce BELLY FAT” has been helpful. Stay tuned for more.

Until then, stay fit & stay healthy!

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